Black Sea Becomes South China Sea ‘Volume 2’, US and NATO Battle Russia in Russia’s Yard Waters, ‘Like to Make Problems’ – All Pages

Sosok.ID – The warship of the United States (US) arrives in the waters Black Sea which is also a Russian page.

Two ships US Navy enter Black Sea at different times.

Namely, destroyer Arleigh Burke class guided missile USS Roosevelt (DDG 80) and the Spearhead class fast transport ship USNS Yuma.

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Through its Twitter account, the US Navy’s 6th Fleet announced, USS Roosevelt began transit to the North en route to the Black Sea on Tuesday (15/9).

Shortly afterwards, USNS Yuma began its transit to the North towards the Black Sea on Wednesday (16/9).

The USS Roosevelt and USNS Yuma’s presence in the Black Sea, the US Navy’s 6th Fleet said, was to initiate routine maritime operations.

“The US Navy’s 6th Fleet is routinely operating in the Black Sea to support our allies and partners in the region,” wrote the US Navy’s 6th Fleet on Twitter.

Sixth time visiting the Black Sea

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