Blandine Bellavoir “very sad” that her adventure is ending

Tonight, France 2 offered the last episode of The Small Murders of Agatha Christie before a new version, without the emblematic actors, including Blandine Bellavoir. On his account Instagram, the actress confided to be “very sad” that the adventure ends for her …

This October 16, 2020, France 2 offered a slightly particular formula of its emblematic series The little murders of Agatha Christie. Indeed, many scenes were shot singing and dancing, like a musical. This original version of the program was a snap, in order to mark the last episode of this series, subsequently reworked for a New version. What is certain is that Samuel Labarthe or Blandine Bellavoir will no longer be part of the new adventure …

“I am very sad”

The actress with the red hair color so remarkable, did not fail to express herself via the story of her account Instagram before tonight’s episode airs. Wearing a turquoise bicycle helmet, she wanted to hide with a touch of humor her immense sadness at the end of this television adventure. “In fact I’m really sad, because tonight it’s over, at 10:35 pm it’s over. So suddenly I’m going to make pancakes, I’m going to keep this helmet on my head all evening, I might even sleep with it …“Then, pretending to cry, she cut her story and reposted various publications from her subscribers watching the last episode of the France 2 program.

The end of a human adventure

It must be said that it is seven years of her life that the actress spent embodying the person of Alice Avril. Today mom, the young woman seems already engaged in new professional projects if we are to believe her social networks. But as she confided in the columns of our colleagues of TV 7 days, Blandine Bellavoir was able to convince the production to integrate song and dance in an episode of Small Murders of Agatha Christie, thus proving that the shooting was done in a family atmosphere, and that his opinion was widely taken into account. Very close to his two other acolytes, Samuel Labarthe and Elodie Frenck, there is no doubt that if their television adventure comes to an end, their friendship is far from over!

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