Blocked by India, PUBG Mobile has even earned IDR 52.2 trillion


Income PUBG Mobile managed to break the USD 3.5 or equivalent to IDR 52.2 trillion, even though at the same time a themed mobile game battle royale it is blocked in India.

Based on the Sensor Tower report, it was revealed that PUBG Mobile earned USD 3.5 billion based on the accumulation of their games in China, namely Game for Peace.

The advantage that PUBG Mobile pocketed seemed to confirm dominance Tencent as a company capable of producing mobile games that are in demand by the market. In fact, China is currently facing sensitive issues with India.

For information, the Indian market is a lucrative market. In this country of Bollywood, gamers want to contribute 1.2% of global player spending to continue experiencing the Chicken Chicken Dinner.

“Income PUBG Mobile looks set to remain strong, despite the ban in India, “said Craig Chapple, Mobile Insights Strategist at Sensor Tower.

In the last few months, India issued a policy banning 177 Chinese applications, including PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite.

The Indian government banned this Chinese application for reasons of national security and data privacy, a way of “retaliation” for the conflict that occurred on the border between the two countries.

Apart from India, PUBG Mobile has the largest player base, such as in the US which accounts for 29% of the total. Then followed by Japan behind with 12%, Saudi Arabia with 8.8%.

So far, PUBG Mobile has collected 770 million downloads globally. Of all countries, India downloaded the PUBG Mobile application the most with 185.5 million installs or 24% of all downloads. After that, China was 16.4%, US was third with 6.3%.

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