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G7 Prospects of World Leaders: Nice Conversation, Some Good Wine, No Unity With Trump


Manufacturing output is contracting worldwide, driven by a slowdown in Europe, the US, China and Japan. Trading activity is also falling, as Mr Trump and China increase their share tariffs on each other. The German economy disappeared in the spring.

The trade in trade boosts business confidence, capital investment and hiring in large economies. Morgan Stanley researchers said this week that global growth is expected to fall at the end of the year to the lowest levels since the 2008 financial crisis ended. Central banks around the world, including the Federal Reserve, are in the world. cutting interest rates or signaling plans to inject more incentives into their monetary policy economies.

Mr Trump is often in fear of other countries' economic pledges, treating them as competitors for a limited amount of prosperity around the world. He criticized the Fed, including Friday morning, without cutting rates more proactively to meet low European rates.

But economists warn that Mr Trump is wrong to dismiss the American economy from its trade war. Trade in American growth plays a lesser role than in many other rich countries, but several administrative officers cited indicators last year to show an American “boom” economy that has deteriorated, including dipping business investment and delay output in the factory. .

“I don't think the US can be an island where there is strong growth and that the rest of the world is at concentration,” Mr Rajan said.

Mr Macron, as a host of this year's G7 meeting, is not counting on the US as a constructive part of other discussions. He invited several African nation leaders to be part of sessions on the challenges facing that continent. And the leaders of India, Australia, Chile and Spain will take part in environmental discussions, terrorism, nuclear weapons and other issues.

French officials admitted that there is no hope that Mr Trump goes to the group to express his concern about climate change despite news that the Amazon's rain forests could be an environmental crisis. accelerate the planet. Some of the statements say that diplomats from the seven countries have been prepared in advance at the end of the summit, an official from the European Union, including a document on the partnership between African nations and the G7 countries and one on biodiversity.

El Paso, Texas hosting a Latinx music festival to protest agus hate and armed violence ’after mass shooting


“It prevented a loving peace-loving community of families who work hard and like them here and on the other side of the border,” said Garcia, noting that the festival is “ an alternative to the hatred of a president violates, which every day he affirms his support among the same white developers this. ”

Trump bankers refuse to say to the judges whether they have the president's tax returns


NEW BOOKS – Attorneys for Deutsche Bank and Capital One repeatedly refuse to say a federal court appeal Friday whether the Trump bank returns President, citing "contractual obligations" to redirect court issues.

Trump is appealing to a district court ruling which cleared the way for the banks to hand over years of financial records from the president, to his three eldest children and companies the president to two House committees.

Towards the end of Friday hearing, the panel asked three judges of the US Court of Appeal for the 2nd Circuit considering the appeal to the banks' solicitors whether the president's tax returns could be included in the documents. which are subject to subcontinctions.

“I'm not asking you what they had at all,” said Judge Jon O. Newman.

“We can't answer that question,” said Raphael Prober, the solicitor for Deutsche Bank, the president's biggest creditor.

“This is a very important issue in this case,” said Newman.

The banks agreed to provide the court with a letter within 48 hours which addressed the matter, but it was unclear what the letter would specify.

Trump's solicitor informed the panel that the House of Finance and Information Services committees were pushing the limits of their powers and that the sub-groups had no legal legislative objective for their banking records.

The committee's solicitor said that the committee members were within their legal rights and that they needed the documents as part of their supervisory duties.

The case is part of a growing fight between Trump and the Progressive Democrats on the president's financial records. Trump has broken for many years of precedent by refusing to release his tax returns and has sent a multi-court effort to keep his financial details confidential.

Deutsche Bank is a large lender for Trump Organization and Kushner Companies, run by Trump's in-law, Jared Kushner, who was now presidential adviser. The Democrats say they want to see if the bank's loans to the businesses of Trump and Kushner could be linked to Russian money laundering.

Trump company gave about $ 364 million of loans from Deutsche Bank from 2012, according to public filing. The loans included $ 125 million worth to purchase and refurbish the Doral golf center in Florida, a $ 170 million loan to restore the former Washington Post Office to the Trump hotel, and a $ 69 million loan to a Trump hotel. in Chicago already refinancing.

Trump's financial exposure and loan records show that all of the loans remain outstanding, although they do not reflect the outstanding balances.

David A. Fahrenthold added to this report.

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Organizational effort in a Bernabéu in works


There is a huge organizational effort so that everything goes well and there are no access problems to the Bernabéu. Real Madrid will play against Valladolid their first game with the white colosseum in full remodeling, works that began in May, and the club has informed fans, in writing and on its website, of the doors for which they must get in.

Today there will be a special information device planned by the entity, inside and outside the stadium, so that the spectators go to their seat without complication.

The Police have also prepared a device for people with disabilities to enter the stadium through other access points.

The points of attention to members and fans will be located outside and inside the Santiago Bernabéu.

Real Madrid will play tomorrow, Saturday, at 7:00 p.m. against Real Valladolid, their first game of the season at Santiago Bernabéu. The remodeling of the stadium has already begun and since June works are underway that will allow the house of Madrid players to become an icon and the best stadium in the world, pride of Real Madrid and the city of Madrid.

The partners have already been personally informed of the news for this meeting through the usual channels and new ones enabled for the remodeling. But also, the Real
Madrid will make available to the attendees of the game a special information device, which will consist of fixed and mobile points of attention, both outside and inside the stadium. The staff, which will aim to solve any doubt or aspect related to the accesses, so that the entrance to the stadium occurs as normally as possible, can be identified by its fluorine green clothing.

Inside the stadium, visual signaling elements related to the new accesses will also be placed. The cases in which there will be news for tomorrow's party attendees are the following:

-Partners who usually access through door 14 will enter through door 12-14 with the current subscription.

-Partners who usually access through door 15, which will no longer be operational, will enter through door 19, with the new subscription sent to them.

-The partners of sectors 439, 441, 443, 541, 543, 641, 643, 645, 705, 707 and 709 that usually access through door 53 will enter through 59, a new door enabled next to 57, with the New subscription sent to them.

Finally, we remember that the La Esquina del Bernabéu Shopping Center is already permanently closed, as is its parking lot. .