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New York: For 57 million euros: Bright apartment for sale in the tallest residential building in the world

In New York, the tallest residential building in the world is being built at 472 meters. If you have millions of euros, you can buy a luxury apartment with a phenomenal view.

Espanyol opens without fortune

The date was exciting. After having passed three previous rounds of the Europa League, Espanyol returned to appear in a major continental competition. Twelve years after having touched the extinct UEFA Cup, the hopes were high in the club. The challenge began before a historic come less. He suffered more than expected the picture of David Gallego before a Ferencvaros who surprised with his departure, brave and without complexes, at the RCDE Stadium, who could not believe what he was living.

The expectations were high and the eyes had to be rubbed from the first bars of the crash, with a Espanyol who was uncomfortable and nervous, who was not in the field and suffered the rush of the magic attack. An attack that during many actions drove the Catalan team crazy, which was much more similar to what has been seen so far in the domestic competition. It was in one of those, a poorly defended play when just 10 minutes of the match had passed, when Javi López introduced a ball in his own goal after a failed clearance and after a great center of the Brazilian Isael, probably the most prominent footballer on the part visitor.

It was the third dangerous arrival of Ferencvaros, which hit a Espanyol who had a hard time reacting. He did the hand of Wu Lei, with a powerful shot to which the goalkeeper Dibusz reacted very well, but especially with Matías Vargas. The Argentine was, with each one of his actions, the only one who managed to lift to the stands and breathe an extra hope. For the 'Monito', the prize would come at the time of the game, with Espanyol already overturned over the field of the Hungarian team, in a header in which he failed, in a clamorous way, Dibusz.


Diego López, Javi López, Naldo, Bernardo, Didac Vila (Pedrosa, min. 67), Melendo (Calleri, min. 56), Marc Roca, Lozano, Granero, Wu Lei and Vargas (Campuzano, min. 75).


Dibusz, Botka (Lovrencsis, min. 67), Blazic, Dvali, Heister, Siger, Kharatin, Ignatenko (Frimpong, min. 85), Zubkov, Nguen and Isael (Signevich, min. 65).


0-1: min. 10, Javi López (p.p). 1-1: min. 60, Vargas.


Nikola Dabanovic (Montenegro). He admonished Ignatenko by Ferencvaros.


First match of group H played at RCDE Stadium, which recorded an entry of 18,125 spectators in the return, 12 years later, of Espanyol to European competition.

Prize to the constancy for Vargas, that completely changed a party that minutes before painted very ugly for the parrots. They could even extend the income of Rebrov with a fancy shot of Isael who hit the crosshead when the ball had overtaken Diego Lopez.

A play that was the turning point for the Barcelona team, owner and lord of the match in a final stretch in which David Gallego showed all his cards in attack with the departure of players like Calleri, Campuzano – author of two goals in the previous phase of the Europa- and Pedrosa League.

He tried in every way possible, but resisted the comeback against a team that ended up significantly lowering his performance. Not even the Barn glove in a magnificent boat shot was soon enough to beat Dibusz again. The squad repelled the shot of the 'Pirate', denying luck to a Espanyol who begins his career in the second continental competition skating before which, in principle, is the weakest rival of the group.

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A new album by Johnny Hallyday soon in the bins

This is an album that should discover Johnny Hallyday as you've never heard. Nearly two years after the death of "Taulier", a posthumous album will see the light of day. Called "Johnny", it will resume some of the greatest hits of the rocker, using his original voice but proposing new arrangements symphonic or acoustic, says Le Parisien.

The news should delight fans, while the information has been jealously guarded for several months. The project is led by Universal, which has the rights to the music of Johnny Hallyday until 2005. For this posthumous record, the studio has approached Yvan Cassar, musical director of Johnny for 15 years. "My guiding line is: would Johnny have liked?" The orchestra, like the band or the piano-voice, was made for him, there's that epic dimension of the character, that evocative power, the American cinema he loved so much When I do Diego, I see him listening to a movie soundtrack, "says the one who accompanied Johnny Hallyday for more than 20 years.

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A tribute album

Among the songs that will be on the program of this album, we find in total 12 classics of Johnny Hallyday in his Universal period: "No, nothing", "Living for the best", "Something of Tennessee", "Stop there "," The abandoned singer "," Diego free in his head "," Mary "," Requiem for a madman "," On my life "," That I love you "," Blood for blood " and "envy". The recordings were made between Paris and London, notably with the London Symphony Orchestra, pianos, acoustic guitars and percussion.

Before embarking on this adventure, Yvan Cassar however ensured that everyone was warned, including Laeticia. "I'm just a musician, a smuggler, and I needed to have his agreement, to feel supported, it's good to pay homage to Johnny, he deserves to have places all over France, and it's very important to make your songs live, and I hope that people will like me, like me, recover their memories, "he says. Parisian.

RTL also specifies that the album is currently being mixed in Los Angeles. 100,000 copies will be available to fans from October 25th. Only a few days later, on November 8, Les Vieilles Canailles, the album of his concert with Jacques Dutronc and Eddy Mitchell in 2014, will also be on sale. "My country is love", his first posthumous album, released last October 19, had passed the million copies sold, three weeks after its release.

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New York: A man suspected of planning attacks on Hezbollah

This is a particularly striking arrest that was made in New York. The man, a resident of New Jersey, an alleged member of Hezbollah is accused of transmitting information for possible attacks in the United States, said Thursday the US Department of Justice. According to US prosecutors, Alexei Saab, 42, Lebanese naturalized American in 2008, began in 1999 to follow the training of Hezbollah, a pro-Iranian Lebanese Shiite organization classified as a terrorist in the United States since 1997.

As a member of Hezbollah's external operations branch – including the 2012 attack on Israeli tourists at Burgas airport in Bulgaria – he reportedly reported information on potential US targets. After moving to the United States in 2000, while regularly returning to Lebanon for training sessions, Alexei Saab reportedly provided detailed information on iconic New York venues, including the United Nations headquarters, the Empire State Building, Times Square, bridges, tunnels or airports. In 2005, he also tried, in an unspecified country, to murder an Israeli citizen he suspected of espionage.

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"Targets across the United States"

He is also accused of having made a "white" marriage in 2012, to allow an accomplice, not identified in the indictment, to obtain US citizenship. "He was looking for possible targets across the United States," said Manhattan federal prosecutor Geoffrey Berman. "Although naturalized American, his true allegiance was to Hezbollah, a terrorist organization responsible for decades of attacks that have killed hundreds of people."

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Alexei Saab has been charged with a total of nine charges: two of them, for assistance to a terrorist organization, are each sentenced to 20 years in prison. That linked to the white marriage for the purposes of terrorism could earn him 25 years of detention. In May, another American of Lebanese origin, Ali Kourani, was found guilty of contributing to Hezbollah bombings, collecting information on the operation and security of several US airports. including JF Kennedy in New York. He should be sentenced at the end of September.

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