Blood-freezing details… “I tied the mouth of the bag so that it would not be cold”

Ayten Kağızmanlı, who came to Pasinler from Kayseri for the wedding of his relatives on August 28, 2018, gave birth in the toilet of the house where he was a guest. Ayten Kağızmanlı explained the situation to her mother Fadime Kağızmanlı and decided to throw her baby boy out of marriage out of wedlock.

Fadime Kağızmanlı threw his grandson, which he put in the garbage bag, to the garbage container.


While the baby, who was found by those who went to Hasan Dede Mosque in the region for the morning prayer, was hospitalized by the medical team by the ambulance, the police detained the mother Ayten Kağızmanlı and his mother Fadime Kağızmanlı after his investigation.

The completed treatment was delivered to Erzurum Family, Labor and Social Services Provincial Directorate. Ayten Kağızmanlı and Fadime Kağızmanlı were arrested and put in prison.


Ayten Kağızmanlı, who was on trial at the Erzurum 1st High Criminal Court, said that he had previously got married and had a child. Relative of his neighbor Y.M. Ayten Kağızmanlı, who claimed that she had entered into a relationship with her / her request and that she was pregnant and that she was aware of her pregnancy in the 6th month, stated:

* When my pains hold, I gave birth in the toilet at night. My mother was shocked when she saw me and her baby.

* Since I thought my father would hurt me, I put the baby in the bag and gave it to my mother.

* I didn’t think the baby could die.

* I left the baby out because I was afraid of my family. I’m very regretful.


The grandmother Fadime Kağızmanlı, who stated that she had been receiving psychological treatment for a long time, said:

* My daughter woke me up and said, “I have a lot of mother.” I also brought it from my grandchild’s milk by heating it, then went to bed. I wondered if my daughter did not get out of the toilet for a long time. I knocked on the door, didn’t open it first.

* When I opened it later, my daughter was in blood, and the baby’s eyes were open. I was shocked when I saw them. He begged me a lot and said, “What happens to the mother, my father shouldn’t hear it.” Son, you can’t bear it. Barefoot I got out of the house with that shock. He asked me to throw the baby in the trash.

* I said, “Pity, sin, let’s leave the mosque.” I went to the mosque, but the door was closed. I left it in the garbage container right across. There were cardboard boxes inside, I put them on them.

* We did not cut the umbilical cord from the panic. If we had cut, the baby wouldn’t have lived. I tied the bag to keep it cool.


At the decision hearing at the 1st High Criminal Court in Erzurum, Fadime and Ayten Kağızmanlı were sentenced to 15 years’ imprisonment for ‘attempting to intentionally kill the lower soy and the child’. The court board did not impose good debates on the defendants.


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