Blow after blow: the band of the safes now hit the Sierras

The band has been moving in Córdoba for a long time. Choose your targets carefully after receiving a good tip, set up the logistics, prepare the tools and vehicles and make the blow. Attacks are always recorded at night (or early morning) and generally on weekends, when the owners and employees are away. The time also allows them to blend in with external movement. Long weekends are another chosen time to attack.

The Cordoba Police He’s been looking for them for a long time. It is that in the Capital and in the Greater Córdoba several coups have already taken place. The causes accumulate in different prosecutors, but the gang does not fall.

Now, it was the turn of an important self-service located in Villa Carlos Paz. After making a hole in the roof of the store, the gang entered, blew up a safe and took a millionaire loot.

The stolen amounts to two million pesos in cash and around 200 thousand dollars, also cash, according to what they specified. The voice sources with access to the case and who requested a reservation.

Before escaping, the usual: they broke cameras and took technical equipment, among other things, other spokesmen indicated.

The unexpected thing (for the band) is that one of the members allegedly injured his hand during the “cutting” tasks. From there, the blood that was spread in the trade.

The commando coup occurred between Saturday night and yesterday morning in a self-service store located on San Martín street, almost at the corner of Martín Fierro, in the mountain village.

The spokesmen indicated that everything was discovered when the manager went to open the doors: everything was a disaster. The millionaire coup was not disclosed by the Córdoba Police.

Official sources, however, confirmed it.

The investigation was carried out by the Punilla Departmental Investigation Brigade, under the directives of the prosecutor Jorgelina Gómez.

“No comment”, was the reply in the prosecution, yesterday, after a consultation. “Call to Justice”, added, for their part, in the Police.

There are no detainees or defendants in the case. Among different measures, detectives analyze footage from different security cameras.


In the environment they are known as “abreburras”, as safes are called in the jargon.

This year there are several cases that have already been committed in the Capital.

In July, for example, a gang attacked a soda factory in the Villa Azalais neighborhood and took the safe. After bursting it, they raised about two million pesos. The chest was abandoned in Capilla de los Remedios.

Weeks earlier, another major coup took place in the Syrian Lebanese building, in the downtown area of ​​Capital. A gang entered the offices owned by José Goso and Patricia Jalil, well-known merchants, at night after reducing a guard. The gang blew up a safe and won a millionaire cash loot.

To all this, there is another class of attacks: the theft of money from safes by those gangs that enter during the day, and with the victims inside, to companies and shops.


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