“Blurred the goalkeeper of” Wings of the Soviets “about Putin – and the end of the holiday”

“What the president says on television is all idle talk,” said Yevgeny Frolov. – There are no real cases. All these credit holidays – they are not. The president said “necessary”, but no one listens to him. And such moments when the president says one thing, but in life everything is different – there are a billion of them. When the president of Russia, the national leader, says – to do so, but in fact they do nothing, he is either not a leader or they do not respect him. ”

The Constitution of the Russian Federation guarantees every citizen freedom of speech and thought. Speaking on socially significant topics, Evgeny Frolov did not violate anything, no laws. He did exactly what every citizen has the right to.

Nevertheless, the club management hastened to a) dissociate itself from his statements, b) hastily kiss the top leadership of the country, c) announce that he would punish Frolov with all severity.

The corresponding statement was posted yesterday on the club’s website: “Krylyov’s management and coaching staff do not share the opinion of Yevgeny Frolov. Recently, authorities in Russia and the region have done a lot for the development of football in the Samara region and in Russia.

It is enough to say that an ultramodern stadium has appeared in Samara that meets all international standards. All fans appreciated the advantages of the Samara Arena, the appearance of which would have been impossible without the support of the top leadership of not only our region, but also the country. ”

Further, the Krylia management and coaching staff give direct instructions regarding the thoughts that not only the athlete Evgeny Frolov should think, but all of us are citizens of Russia.

“In this difficult time, we must unite, solve a common problem and defeat the virus. It is on this that all thoughts and actions of not only the players, but also the citizens of Russia should be focused. ”

Well, whoever doesn’t think about how the coaching staff orders, he will be roughly punished: “Having given an interview without prior approval from the club, he (Yevgeny Frolov) violated the terms of the contract, causing damage to the interests of the team. A football player will be punished according to the club regulation on disciplinary sanctions. ”

The Wings leadership, however, does not specify what exactly the damage Frolov caused is.

Judging by the reviews on the network, the fans are delighted with his interview. The attendance of the Wings website and the team’s popularity as a result only increased.

If the club contained itself and its income depended on popularity, it would be possible to say that Frolov did not cause damage, but, on the contrary, increased the club’s profit.

But there are no self-sustaining clubs in our country. All clubs live at the expense of sponsors, and many players and coaches are also listed as full-time employees of government agencies and receive salaries there.

Here, apparently, the “damage” was buried, forcing the leadership of the Samara “Wings” in a hurry to distance themselves from the athlete and flattery to neutralize his criticisms.

They will be fired because of him, God forbid. Reduce funding. Sponsors will be banned from giving money. They will find auditors and conduct an audit. But you never know what leverage the authorities have in order to take revenge.

And all of them will fly to hell – work, money, business trips, welfare. Horror horror. I don’t even want to think about it. Scary, already terrible.

Poor, poor sports leaders.

They can’t run around the field themselves, repel attacks, score goals and are completely dependent on young boys who are confident in themselves and their abilities. And these guys do not think about sports leaders at all. One such Frolov will blurt out about Putin that his instructions are not being followed – and that’s it, the holiday cover.

Of course, sports officials are ready for anything in such a situation – even for unconstitutional statements and illegal actions – just to whitewash themselves and get out of the water.

But they still do not look dry. Rather funny. And miserable.


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