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Blusukan to Under Tol in Pluit, Risma Promises Schools and Scholarships for Children

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Social Minister Tri Rismaharini blusukan to the slum area, namely under the toll Gedong Panjang, Pluit, Penjaringan, North Jakarta, Wednesday (30/12/2020).

In her blusukan, Risma promising school and scholarship for children in the area.

Risma wants children who live in the neighborhood to continue to receive proper education for their future.

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“I’ll look for a school, I’ll look for a scholarship, OK? Wis, iso sure, huh? Later, if it’s done, prove it to the world, “said Risma through a video broadcast Compass TV, Thursday (31/12/2020).

Risma also invited residents under the toll to be more empowered by receiving support and assistance programs from the Ministry of Social Affairs.

He did not question if men in the area made a living by being scavengers. However, Risma promised to empower mothers through micro businesses.

Thus, family income can increase and the economy of citizens becomes better.

“The mother will teach us how to earn money. Behind it is the catfish, later I can teach you how to make catfish pecel, or make something else, later we can sell it,” he said.

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Risma also plans to move residents who live in this slum area to a new, more decent place to live.

On the same occasion, Risma directed members of the Report Obligatory Recipient Institution (IPWL) and the local Social Welfare Institution (LKS) to build a training center for empowerment for homeless people and beggars in the area.

The training venue was created so that residents under the toll road can innovate and be more advanced.


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