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Boa Bond wants urgent procedure for armament boas in corona crisis | NOW

The Dutch Boa Bond (NBB) wants minister Ferd Grapperhaus (Justice and Security) to use an emergency procedure to ensure that boas are armed with a baton and pepper spray. Chairman Ruud Kuin asked that in a letter to the minister.

Tuesday responded Kuin in response to the two violent incidents of the last Easter weekend. On the Pieter Calandlaan in Amsterdam, four boas were injured when they were attacked by a group of about ten people.

A boa suffered a concussion from the violence used. In Rotterdam, boas were kicked, beaten and spat upon when they wanted to fine people for not following the corona rules.

According to Kuin, the corona crisis is causing enforcers to need the armor, consisting of pepper spray and a baton, more than ever. “After all, it is by definition about enforcement against groups (three or more) and large fines. Both circumstances (group and height fines) by definition lead to more resistance and aggression,” the letter says.

“More and more people become annoyed when calling for measures”

The union said on Tuesday that affiliated members are increasingly telling stories of people who are irritated when they are held accountable for complying with the 1.5 meter distance rule.

Almost a year ago, Mayor Femke Halsema decided that boas in the city will be equipped with pepper spray. She submitted an application for this to Minister Grapperhaus. However, the boas still do not have the means of defense. That is why Kuin is now asking for an urgent procedure.

“Today, major and far-reaching decisions are being taken in a very short time in the interest of public health. We believe that this should also apply to the urgent procedure we have requested.”


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