Boat per mille: 3 out of 5 disagree with the politicians

This is pointed out by Edmond Wold Gaulen, head of the boat department at Frende Forsikring. A new survey conducted by Norstat for the insurance company Frende shows that 57 percent of us think the alcohol limit at sea should be lower.

– Last year, 58 percent answered the same in our survey, so here attitudes have not changed, strikes Wold Gaulen.

But neither do the regulations. Today’s alcohol limit in boats is still 0.8, compared to 0.2 in cars.

On a collision course with the people

32 percent of the 1,000 respondents in the Frendeunders√łkelsen think the current alcohol limit in boats is correct. Only seven percent could imagine raising the limit.

The alcohol limit in boats is four times higher than on the roads. The majority thinks this is too high. Photo: Frende Forsikring

– When only 3 out of 10 want to stay at the current limit, it is clear that the people are on a collision course with the regulations, says Wold Gaulen.

– It is rare that we see that the people want stricter rules than the authorities, such as this. Perhaps especially after a year where the authorities have placed strong restrictions on us, he continues.

Lower respect for alcohol

The rescue company will not take a position on what the alcohol limit should be, but has clear opinions about alcohol and boating.

– What the alcohol limit should be, we leave to the politicians to decide. But it is interesting that the majority of the respondents still believe that the limit should have been lower, says information manager in the Rescue Company, Frode Pedersen.

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– This summer has again given us far too many examples that respect for alcohol seems to be far lower at sea than on the road, he explains.

– Be sober behind the wheel

Pedersen believes that the challenges of driving a boat on an increasingly busy sea, and where the speed has increased in recent years, require full concentration. If you are under the influence of alcohol, this attention can be significantly reduced.

– We say clearly that everyone who drives a boat must be sober. Clear in the head, ready for the sea, he says.

Wold Gaulen gives Pedersen his full support.

– We expect many boats at sea this summer and it requires more from the drivers. We also fear more accidents as a consequence, he says.

Ready to help

Frode Pedersen says that the Rescue Company’s 90 rescue vessels, spread over 52 stations, are ready to help both new and experienced boaters from strategic locations along our long coastline.

– Remember life jackets, remember that there are more at sea than last year and be careful with your alcohol intake when you drive. If you do, everything is in place for a wonderful Norwegian holiday in the boat, says Wold Gaulen in Frende Forsikring.

Large variations across the country

  • In northern Norway, 26 per cent believe that the per mille in boats should be 0. In Oslo, only 11 per cent are ready for zero per mille.
  • In Central Norway and Eastern Norway, most people want the same alcohol limit on boats as for cars. 37 percent think the limit for boats should be 0.2.
  • 4 out of 10 Oslo citizens think the border is appropriate today. Nowhere else do so many agree that 0.8 is the correct blood alcohol limit.
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Source: Frendeunders√łkelsen / Norstat 2021


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