Bobigny: the Magic Cinema is dead, long live the nomad screen!


The mobile cash register was installed at the entrance of the Jean Wiéner Conservatory. At 4,50 € in full price and 3,50 in reduced price, the spectators have enough to have the smile. Many of them attend the second screening of "the nomadic screen" this Sunday.

A traveling cinema set up after the closure of the Magic Cinema, Bobigny's iconic art and test room. Another cinema with six rooms should open in 2024 but until the work, the nomadic screen takes over.

Four venues agreed to play the game by holding sessions almost every day of the week, except Thursday. The departmental labor exchange, the Jean Wiéner Conservatory, the House of Culture 93 and the Elsa Triolet Library.

"We are well aware that it is not easy to join the public," says the director of the Magic and nomadic screen Damien Peynaud. A lot of communication work has been done by the Magic Cinema team to keep the clientele. "We created a website, distributed programs in all public places. "

"The Magic had a hidden side, but here it's downright unusual"

If the beginnings on Wednesday were rather shy, the preview screening of the film "Hors les murs" gathered a good sixty spectators this Sunday. "It is a risky device but we want to continue to occupy the field. And propose a demanding programming, "says Damien Peynaud.

Bobigny, this Sunday. The nomadic screen, was almost full room on the occasion of its second opening day, with the screening of the film
Bobigny, this Sunday. The nomadic screen was almost full on the occasion of its second opening day, with the screening of the film "Hors les murs". Olivia Villamy

The nomadic screen has not yet won the art and essay label awarded to the Magic Cinema but it is only a matter of time before its file "studied by the CNC" is validated.

In the meantime, the faithful of the Magic are rather delighted with the experience. "The Magic had a hidden side that I liked a lot, but this is totally unusual," breath Isabelle resident of Drancy and faithful Magic.

"Do not create a cultural desert"

A little further, Marie who lives in Bobigny for 50 years remembers these sessions where she was able to meet monuments of the cinema. "I saw Omar Sharif, Jeanne Moreau and even Jamel Debouze more recently". With her friend Evelyne, they came "because otherwise, they will not put us any more than blockbusters! "

When they arrive in the room, equipped with red flip-flops, the faithful are not too confused. Only for Ayad Karim, the projectionist, has the work changed.

From now on, he has to move all the projection equipment in big boxes on wheels. "Just the projector, it must weigh 100 kg," he says, keeping the smile. Another projectionist came to help him start the system. In all, they need a half-hour to install everything.

The East Ensemble territory, which manages the project, is counting on 15,000 entries this year instead of the Magic's 42,000. A goal certainly less ambitious but "we must ensure continuity and not create a cultural desert," says Martine Legrand, vice president of culture.

The nomadic screen will be in operation until 2024, estimated date of delivery of the new cinema. Four sessions are scheduled at the conservatory, starting this Monday.


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