Body of Kyal Sin, 19 -Year -Old Girl Shot Dead, Excavated by Myanmar Apparatus Page all

MANDALAY, – Kyal Sin, a 19 -year -old girl who was shot dead this week, her body was reportedly exhumed again by Myanmar authorities.

Having an Angel call, Kyal died with a head wound on Wednesday (3/4/2021), and became an icon of the anti -coup movement.

The exhumation of Kyal’s body drew public outrage, which said the military junta was trying to hide their crimes.

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Local television stations broadcast the excavation of Kyal’s tomb, with doctors and judges conducting forensic examinations.

During the examination, in addition to finding gunshot wounds to the head, they also found the size of the bullet that killed Kyal Sin.

Reported Reuters via Channel News Asia Sunday (7/3/2021), the bullet found measuring 1.2 cm by 0.7 cm.

In the claims of doctors and doctors brought in by the military junta, the projectiles were different from the bullets used by the police.

Channel MRTV reported that the Myanmar authorities confronted the demonstrators, while the wound was on the back of the head.

They then assumed the bullets fired and hit the 19-year-old girl were .38 caliber.

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“Therefore, it can be concluded that those who wanted to create noise deliberately shot him,” he said MRTV.

The opposition responded negatively to the news, which said that the exhumation of the body had insulted the Kyal family.

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They accused the authorities of trying to provide false information. Asked about that, the police did not respond.

MRTV claiming, the government has asked permission to Angel’s family to excavate the tomb.

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However, it was not stated whether the permission had been granted, in which case the Kyal family also chose to remain silent.

According to local residents, Kyal’s grave was excavated on Friday (5/3/2021), with the military keeping the public away from the grave site.

The next day, Kyal’s grave, which has been covered by new cement, is littered with rubber boots, gloves, and a surgical gown.

Kyal was among 38 victims killed on Wednesday, the bloodiest day in mass efforts against the Myanmar coup.

The military claims they are as non-violent as possible. However, they will not allow the demonstrators to destabilize.

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