BOLA – Ministry of Defense notified Frederico Varandas to return to the Army (Sporting)

The Ministry of Defense clarified, this Monday, the military situation of the president of Sporting, guaranteeing that Frederico Varandas was one of the military in the reserve notified to return to the service due to the pandemic of Covid-19.

The Ministry, through a note cited by Lusa, clarified that “Captain Frederico Varandas had a special license for electoral purposes”, in accordance with the National Defense Law and which allows a military to run for election. That license expired “with the entry into force of the decree of the President of the Republic”, which imposed a state of emergency, so it was determined “the return of the military to his previous situation”.

“Consequently, the Portuguese Army notified all its military personnel who held licenses with the aforementioned nature about the need to report to the service”.

It is recalled that last Thursday, Frederico Varandas announced, through the social network Instagram, that he would serve the country again. «As long as the State of Emergency lasts … and I will return whenever Portugal needs», he said.


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