Bologna, the words of Mihajlovic at the conference

Sinisa Mihajlovic, Bologna coach, spoke at the press conference ahead of tomorrow’s match against Sampdoria. These are his statements.

On the holders

“We have to evaluate well after training, so let’s see, we are in an emergency and we will remain, we do not know if we will recover someone “.

On players who have returned from national teams

“They are back and they are all fine, no injuries, so that’s the important thing. They have to pick up the pace, as always it takes some time after the national teams stop. We will try to find the right concentration immediately “.

His Dominguez

“Dominguez is an Argentine international, and those over there are not stupid. He is more suited to playing 3s than 2s, but also inside, low or high median, he can do and can do everything. Serie A is a difficult championship, but he makes himself felt in the defensive phase, between ball recovery and playing times. However, I expect more from an Argentine international … he will have to make the most of the opportunities he has, so far he hasn’t done it at his best. “

His Medel

“He’s training, when he wasn’t ready he wanted to play even if I didn’t want to, and then he got hurt. From now on I don’t get fooled anymore, I play him when I think he will be ready. Tomorrow he will be on the bench, let’s see if there will be an opportunity to let him take over. “


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