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Bolsonaro returns to the streets to campaign against confinement

by drbyos

The Brazilian President,Jair Bolsonaro, has gone out again this Sunday to the streets of Brasiliaand has greeted supporters and visited markets to campaign against confinement. The coronavirus has already killed 114 people in Brazil. “I defend that you work, that everyone works. Logical. Whoever has an age stays at home, “Bolsonaro said in conversation with a street vendor picked up by the Brazilian press.“Sometimes the remedy is worse than the disease,” he argued..

Bolsonaro has spoken with supermarket and bakery workers and has also visited the Brasilia Armed Forces Hospital. At each stop his supporters gathered to chant slogans such as “myth” or “we are together” and to ask the president for photos.

Bolsonaro’s visit has caused aagglomerationat a time when both the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Brazilian Ministry of Health themselves recommend distancing to avoid infection.

At one pointa woman has asked him to reopen the temples, to which Bolsonaro has responded that he is going to appeal the judicial decision that annulled last week the presidential decree that exempted the churches and betting houses from closing. However, he refused to greet by shaking hands in accordance with the recommendation of the health authorities.


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