Bolton Knows About chuí Many Relevant Meetings' on Ukraine, says Lawyer


ATLANTA – President John Tru Bolton, former national security advisor to President Trump, who is familiar with “many relevant meetings and conversations” relating to the Ukrainian pressure campaign that domestic investigators do not know yet, said his lawyer on Friday.

This calming point was made by the solicitor, Charles J. Cooper, in a letter to the Chief House Solicitor in response to the chairs of House committees seeking evidence of Mr Bolton in their resolute proceedings but noting that they were not satisfied. going to court for an order.

Mr Cooper did not describe the meetings and conversations he was referring to, as he left the Democratic Party of the House on what he would know.

Mr Bolton did not show that a scheduled deposition on Thursday was due to his lawyer that he wanted a judge to decide whether he or her deputy, Charles M. Kupperman, should testify against the White House. Essentially, Mr Bolton and Mr Kupperman are asking for a court ruling on competing demands by the executive branch, who do not want to give evidence, and the legislative branch, which does.

Mr Kupperman has withdrawn a subpoena to Mr Kupperman and indicated that they would not ask any one to Mr Bolton as they said they did not want to be drawn into long court proceedings. Instead, the Democrats have said that they can refuse to give evidence to Mr Bolton and Mr Kupperman as evidence of the Congress' impediment to the president, which could in fact be his own article.

Representing Mr Bolton and Mr Kupperman, Mr Cooper denied that they wanted to delay proceedings and argued that his legal position was not co-ordinated with the White House. Mr Cooper insisted that if the House had been serious about an inquiry, Mr Bolton would be a logical person to ask him.

Mr Bolton was directly involved in many of the events, meetings, and discussions about which you have already received evidence, as well as many relevant meetings and conversations that have not yet been discussed in the references, ”Mr Cooper wrote. in the letter.

Many witnesses have given evidence to date he put Mr Bolton at the heart of the main events, describing how the efforts of people around the president described him – under the direction of his personal lawyer Rudolph W. Giuliani – to press Ukraine to investigate the Democrats. He said that he wanted to be involved in the “drug dealing”, as he put it, that other presidential consultants were organizing and calling Mr Giuliani, a “hand grenade” who was going to blow everyone up. . ”

He also directed the reporting of his dealings with Gordon D. Sondland, the EU ambassador to the pressure campaign, to the White House lawyer. And he opposed Mr Trump's decision to suspend $ 391 million of security assistance to Ukraine and the decision to call President Volodymyr Zelensky from Ukraine on 25 July.

During that call, Mr asked. Trump on Mr. Zelensky “Make our favor” and we investigate Ukraine's links with Democrats in 2016 and former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr and his son Hunter Biden.

However, unlike most of those who have given evidence to date, Mr Bolton would provide information on what the president himself has said about the matter. Most of the witnesses have described what people around the president said, but few mentioned any direct conversations with Mr Trump. As his national security consultant saw him daily, it is likely that Mr Bolton could bring investigators into the Oval Office as they have no witnesses.

The House of Democrats argued that ongoing court proceedings to force Donald F. McGahn II, a former President of the White President, should give evidence to guide Mr Bolton and Mr Kupperman in other matters. But Mr Cooper said that no final judgment on Mr McGahn would answer the question of whether his clients should give evidence because they would be asked about national security matters in a way that Mr McGahn would not.

Mr. Cooper briefed the House Judges Committee in McGahn's case, indicating that the welfare of panels in former White House barrister did not involve sensitive national security or foreign affairs. "

“Here, unlike McGahn, information on national security and foreign affairs is at the heart of committee inquiry, and it is difficult to imagine. one a question that the committees could refer to Mr Kupperman or Mr Bolton that “this would not affect these sensitive areas,” Mr.


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