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“Bon Bon”, the best vegetable restaurant in Belgium

Globally, Chef René Mathieu’s Distillery, in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, wins the prize.

Green guide prices We’re Smart reward vegetable restaurants. Hundreds of establishments around the world received a visit from the jury last year. The team judged them on the proportion of fruits and vegetables in the menus, but also on the culinary creativity, the ecological footprint and the surprising combinations of tastes.

“With our annual awards show, we bring together vegetable lovers from all over the world. With these exciting cross-pollinations, we are moving towards smarter solutions for our bodies, nature and the world,” commented the vegetable chef Frank Fol and founder of the green guide We’re Smart.

In Belgium, Bon Bon was named best vegetable restaurant. “Proud and very honored”, the two-starred chef Christophe Hardiquest (photo) serves in his restaurant an entirely vegetal menu called “The seasons garden”. “People are afraid of vegetables, yet these are dishes made with a real cook’s thought, with saucier and even roasting techniques”, he had recently defended with the Belga agency.

The distillery of market gardener René Mathieu is at the head of the top 100 of the best vegetable restaurants in the world. “René Mathieu is a pioneer of natural cuisine. He tastefully evokes the ingredients of the fields and forests that surround the Château Bourglinster. With so much passion and talent in one person, this is rightly the new ‘place to be ‘global for creative plant-based cuisine“said Frank Fol.

Four Belgian restaurants are also in the top 10: Vrijmoed (2nd) by Michaël Vrijmoed in Ghent, Graanmarkt 13 (7th) by Seppe Nobels in Antwerp, HumusxHortense (8th) by Nicolas Decloedt in Brussels and Arabelle (9th) by Arabelle Meirlan in Marchin.

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