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Boom falls for supermarket, but branch Jan Linders Maastricht…

Image: Keistad news

Maastricht –

A branch of Jan Linders on Chorisborg in Maastricht sustained minor damage during the night from Sunday to Monday. The store is open as usual.

Shortly after midnight, a tree fell on the property. The tree just fell next to a parked car. Firefighters arrived on the scene to remove the tree. It took more than three hours to see. The branch management says that the damage is minor. “The shop is open, we don’t have to take any immediate action; further investigation will follow.”

Elsewhere in Limburg, the fire brigade also had to take action because of storm Franklin. There were reports of storm damage from Venlo, Nieuwstadt, Beegden, Stein, Heerlen, Valkenburg, Bingelrade, Reuver, Roermond, Neeritter, Cadier en Keer, Sittard, Voerendaal, Kerkrade, Vaals, Heijen, Geulle, Gulpen and Obicht.

Third storm

Franklin is the third storm in a week to hit the Netherlands after Dudley and Eunice. According to Weer.nl, it has never happened before in February that it stormed five days in a row.

The emergency services in Limburg will take stock on Monday of the number of damage reports as a result of storm Eunice. Then it will probably also become more clear about the damage Franklin has done in the province.

The weather in Limburg will also remain turbulent on Monday, with long periods of rain and a fairly strong wind with wind force five to six and gusts of up to 90 kilometers per hour. The KNMI has therefore issued a code yellow again. The wind will decrease in strength from Tuesday.

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