Borat arrives on Amazon Prime with new movie

“Which is more dangerous, this virus … or the Democrats?”asks the television host Borat his new friends, a pair of southerners described as rednecks, who, without hesitation, answer “The Democrats!”, beginning to comment on conspiracy theories that populate social networks in United States (and that have caused, among other things, the Facebook ban the secret group QAnon), with ideas as absurd as believing that the “deep state” is inhabited by pedophiles or that Bill and Hillary Clinton are, literally, “eat children”.

The scene is striking because the two “victims” of Borat are extremely kind and even give him asylum when, at the beginning of the pandemic, he has nowhere to take refuge. But this I only tell because it is in the previews of the return of the character of Sacha Baron Cohen, the ineffable and racist Bora Sagdiyev, host of Kazakh television, which is very difficult to review without ruining it with spoilers. But we will try, whether or not like your extreme comedy, the British and his most famous character have returned to be part of this historic moment which includes the pandemic, which was not considered when the project began, which gives the film a strangely conjunctural atmosphere from the most ruthless satire.

Borat Post-Film: Prodigious Bribery Delivery to US Regime to Once Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, is the very long title of the sequel to the film that in 2004 shocked the world for its frontal black humor and, above all, for the actor and comedian’s ability to make people show their most horrible facets in front of the cameras.

And although it seemed impossible that the character could return and effectively deceive so many again, with his “state journalism”, Baron Cohen He found a way to do it even with Rudolph Guiliani, Trump’s friend and lawyer and former mayor of New York. As it did? With a lot of ingenuity and with the support of his “daughter”.

Remember that when Baron Cohen had his first major international success with the film Borat (the character already existed with great success on British television, with the Ali G Show de Cohen), the Kazakh authorities were deeply outraged. And of course, he made her look like a nation of ignorant pedophiles, misogynists and anti-Semites, and is that This man’s sense of humor is not necessarily for everyone.

Several people in the Jewish communities and at the time even from the Anti-Defamation League of these communities, launched very strong complaints about the fact that Borat consider, within his rock education, that he HThe olocaust was a national holiday. Currently, Baron Cohen works hand in hand with them in the Stop Profit for Hate campaign, seeking that stop sharing lies and hatred on social media.

The truth is that, at the time, many of us defended it with laughter, understanding that the victim of the joke was the aggressor and not the victim. But a decade and a half ago we were already discussing what could be said and what could not. Imagine now! The fact that Borat spoke and continues to speak, practically in perfect Hebrew, passing him off as Kazakh, only made the most ironic joke and yes, perhaps more offensive to those who wanted to offend. But who saw it as an extreme and uncompromising denunciation of hatred, ignorance and discrimination We celebrate this return a lot, one that can already be seen throughout the world for Amazon Prime.

How does Borat get back?

So let’s recap. Borat’s character returns to Kazakhstan after making his first film and is sent to the gulag (concentration camp) for having humiliated his glorious nation. So after fourteen years of forced labor he is called by his government for a mission: to achieve that “the supreme leader who has made America great again”, Donald Trump, also appreciate the greatness of Kazakhstan. For that he takes a gift to the vice president Mike PenceBut after a series of tremendous stumbles and incomprehensible encounters with real people on the road, it ends up becoming the offering of his daughter, Tutar, to Rudolph Guiliani, as an offering to the regime. What happened after that could well spell the end of the political career of this man, who ironically was a national hero in the times of 9-11.

Tutar, played by the Bulgarian actress, Maria Bakalova, couldn’t be happier, because she grew up listening to fairy tales about “Princess Melania”, who has the glorious fortune to live in a golden cage and that is what she wants most in the world.

That is only the starting point, and although the news and response to what happened with Giuliani and Tutar, in a meeting that undoubtedly happened in a certain way, was ahead of this premiere, there are many more things that will make one drop the cry of either laughter or shock at seeing what seemed like the impossible return of Borat. But he did it, and he did it very well.

It does not mean that people are necessarily going to like your humor or that they are not some things manipulated in editedn. But without the slightest doubt it achieves its mission: “If you are a woman and you vote for this guy, I hope you know what that means for your gender,” she told Nhe York Times the actor. And boy does it leave a lot to think about.

The film also exposes the most absurdity of the extreme left that in these times will surely go crazy, not knowing how to reconcile that the most politically incorrect humor in the world is the surest way to attack the extreme right, but mainly it is here to achieve what appears in the credits of the film: “Now vote…. or they will be executed ”.



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