Bordeaux: a dog found tied up in a shower tray without water or food


His ordeal is over. A dog, who was locked in the bathroom of an apartment in Bordeaux, tied by the hind legs to a cable, having no access to any bowl of water or food, was saved by a young woman who managed to locate his moans.

according to South Westwho reports the facts, the animal barked and moaned for several days but the inhabitants of the neighborhood could not determine where these noises came from. A call for help was even launched on social networks. In vain.

Finally, on Saturday night, Alizé, a young woman who was having dinner with friends, eventually found the apartment in question and warned the fire department. They went through the window and released the poor dog. He was entrusted to a host family.

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Absent at the time of the facts, the tenant of the place was not found. He could have gone on vacation. The authorities have no certainty that the dog is his.

An investigation was opened for "mistreatment" and "acts of cruelty on a tamed domestic animal".

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