Boris Johnson possible May's successor

Boris Johnson, former British Foreign Minister and a prominent campaign activist to leave the European Union, announced on Thursday that will be presented as a candidate for replace to Prime Minister Theresa May as conservative leader.

"Of course I will," said Johnson, 54, a The British Insurance Brokers' Association, during a meeting with businessmen in Manchester according to the BBC. Considered by many Eurosceptics as the face of Brexit campaign 2016, his speech in favor of leaving the EU during the annual conference of the conservative party in October last year was a success of participation with affiliates reaching to make hours in line to listen live.

Pressure grows on the prime minister

Johnson resigned from Theresa May's cabinet in July to protest the prime minister's handling of the exit negotiations. He is currently the favorite of the bookies to succeed May. The first 'premier' had announced that it would retire before the next phase of the Brexit negotiations, although has not yet set a date for your departure.

Given the paralysis in which the process to ratify the Brexit agreement is immersed, in recent days the Pressure at Conservative Party so that the prime minister establishes a specific date for her resignation. If the head of government decided to resign as leader of her formation, she could remain in Downing Street until a process of primary, whose winner would also assume the position at the head of the Executive.

Several ministers and ex-ministers have announced their intention to fight for the leadership of the party

The candidacy of Boris Johnson is not the only one to succeed May. The former Minister of Labor and Pensions Esther McVey, as well as the head of International Development, Rory Stewart, have also announced their intention to attend a possible conservative primary. Other ministers, such as the Interior Minister, Sajid Javid, the Environment Minister, Michael Gove, and the Foreign Minister, Jeremy Hunt, also appear on most of the lists of potential British media candidates.

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