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Borodina captured the youngest daughter in a summer dress, and the older

Ksenia Borodina does not hide that she earns well. She brings income not only to work on television, but also advertising in social networks and her business. Even being in quarantine, the TV presenter continues to work. The girl has an army of fans who are happy to follow the life of a star. For many, Ksenia has become an icon of style. She is even turned to advice in the field of fashion.

“Dressed for fashion”: Ksenia Borodina in a plaid coat went to the shootingThe TV presenter continues to boast of new things.

With the onset of spring, Borodina began to wear jackets, as well as a coat. Happy TV presenter wearing jeans and dresses. As you know, her daughters are growing up: 10-year-old Marusya and four-year-old Theon. She loves to buy new things for the heirs. In April, she boasted of spring outfits for girls, and now Ksenia bought new clothes for spring. By the way, her children wear branded items, for example, Gucci pink sweaters.

“Teush, look, what a beautiful dress you have! What else is there? Costumes … Stunned! Try it on! ” – asked the star.

On the new frames, she showed a lot of packages with things that were delivered from the store. The youngest daughter of the TV presenter put on a light peach dress and began to spin. And her sister dressed in denim jumpsuit.

“What a beauty. The costume is also cool! That’s all, princess, ”Borodina admired. Then Thea began to pace around the house in a bright jumper. “I squeezed a fashionable sweater from my sister,” the TV presenter noted.

Daughters of Ksenia Borodina. Photo: .instagram.com / borodylia /

Fans asked where Ksenia does things that her daughters do not wear. According to the presenter, she gives to friends and relatives. The TV presenter has repeatedly noted that she always has someone to give things to or just provide assistance.


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