Borrell defends a logical Canarian lace in the EU as an RUP area


The PSOE candidate for the European Parliament, José Borrell, said on Tuesday in Puerto del Rosario, Fuerteventura, that it is necessary to strengthen the ability to defend the interests of the Canary Islands in the EU and opted to have the MEP Juan Fernando López Aguilar in that process.

Borrell said that in the archipelago it is "very important as an outermost region" and has set as an example the main economic engine: tourism, where "if it were not because we are in Europe everything would be much more difficult".

The program of the PSOE in the European elections maintains that it is necessary "to establish a permanent and solidary system of quotas of relocation of irregular immigrants and of asylum seekers, as well as the continuity and reinforcement of the Sofia operation, with specific mandate for rescue and rescue »

On the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex), the Socialists point out that "it is an indispensable instrument that must be reinforced, without overlapping with the activities and responsibilities of the States that are the EU's external border".

Borrell has defended to reinforce the role of the Committee of the Regions and Municipalities as an institution of the EU "as well as to promote the participation of the Autonomous Communities in the exercise of the European policy of Spain within the scope of their competences". . (tagsToTranslate) islas (t) canarias (t) borrell


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