Boxing: after a year of waiting, Canelo Alvarez chose Callum Smith (Jean-Paul Chartrand)

The last time we saw Canelo Alvarez in a ring was a year ago, on November 2, 2019, when he knocked out Russian Sergey Kovalev in the 11th round and snatched his WBO world crown from him. medium heavy.

For that game he weighed 174.5 pounds, 6.5 pounds more than in his next fight against Briton Callum Smith, the other WBA champion and the broadcast will be on DAZN.

This time it will be for the WBA 168-pound super middleweight title and the game will be featured on DAZN, the same site Canelo disassociated himself from not too long ago.

Explain that to me …?

Overnight, legal action against DAZN for the whopping $ 280 million is gone. Just like Golden Boy, its promoter. Except that next December 19, Canelo will face Callum Smith for the WBA title.

I wish I was a little bird and could have a look at the Mexican’s bank account.

I know he’s a keen negotiator, but I don’t know a lot of people who spit on a contract with a remaining value of $ 280 million.

To stay with DAZN, he was offered a golden bridge, that’s for sure. It is believed that he will receive $ 20 million for his showdown with Callum Smith and he will also be entitled to a generous percentage of the new subscribers who join DAZN on December 19.


According to the site Celebrity Net Worth, the Mexican’s fortune is valued at $ 140 million. He owns a $ 60 million yacht, a collection of luxury autos worth $ 10 million and not so long ago he sold his San Diego County residence for almost $ 10 million. . In Mexico, he lives in the suburbs of Guadalajara.

With DAZN, he had a guarantee of $ 35 million per fight. He had eleven commitments left with this site, which was valued at $ 280 million.

Following his last interview with DAZN, that sum of $ 280 million suddenly disappeared, but he remains affiliated with his former employer, at least for this game against Callum Smith.

Quite a businessman

Despite his young age, Alvarez doesn’t make a living from boxing alone. He has so many offers that he has to turn down sponsors. Currently, he is making his fortune with advertising advertisements for Hennesy cognac, Tecate beer and the Everlast company and these are just the most important of his many sponsors.

Alvarez not only loves beautiful yachts, luxury cars and plush homes, he’s a first-class playboy too. We recognize him two daughters, Maria Fernandez and Saul Adel whom he had with two different mothers.

Another girl, Emily Cinamon Alvarez also came from a relationship he had with a certain Karen Beltran while the two were attending high school.

Emily is now in her early teens and hardly any photos of her have been found by various media. The parents would share custody.

The tattoo

Moreover, no later than 2018, just before his revenge against Gennady Golovkin, dad Canelo had his daughter’s name “Emily” tattooed on one arm.

Canelo began his professional boxing career at the age of 15. Now 30 years old, he has made a living spitting others out for twenty years.

As of this writing, he is the favorite to take the win and yet his rival is undefeated. And we must not forget that Smith is 6’3 “against 5’8” for Canelo, a difference of 7 “in favor of the Briton.

If we rely on Smith’s last fight against Rocky Fielding on November 7, 2015, we can see that he can be dangerous from a distance, but he is practically zero in the clinch, where Canelo excels.

The two pugilists have precisely this rival in common. Alvarez knocked Fielding down three times before the referee ended the fight on the third round.

As for Smith, he settled the case of the same Fielding from the first engagement after three falls to the mat.

No quality boxer

Smith has never faced quality boxers as can be found in the Mexican record. With the exception of Floyd Mayweather who beat him by majority decision in 2013, Canelo swept everything in his path.

Since that setback, he has won his last twelve games, including a contested victory and draw at the expense of Gennady Golovkin.

Among his notable victims are Erislandy Lara, James Kirkland, Miguel Cotto, Amir Khan, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., Rocky Fielding, Daniel Jacobs and Sergey Kovalev.

A bunch of rather imposing victims. But the question to ask: will a match against Callum Smith be worth a new skewer of subscribers to DAZN ?

I doubt. Smith may be a star in Britain, but in the United States he is virtually unknown. And if you’ve seen his last performance against John Ryder, he’s far from impressed.

A playboy

Despite all the sacrifices that boxing demands, Canelo has managed to seduce the most beautiful women on the planet over the years. He lived with Miss Mexico Universe, Marisol Gonzalez. He even engaged her, but after ten months, the flame went out.

On his hunting chart we also find the name of Miss Earth, from Venezuela, Shannon DeLima. Madame DeLima was previously married to singer and actress Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband Mark Anthony.

He also had an affair with television star Kate DelCastillo, 18, his senior and a friend of drug lord El Chapo. Besides, it was she who introduced actor Sean Penn to El Chapo.

A hot bunny

During a television interview, Mrs. DelCastillo spoke of her intimate life with Canelo, without embarrassment, she revealed in front of the screen, speaking of his more than intimate relations: “There were intensive rounds between him and me … And there were also some wonderful knockouts … But he also begged for mercy and his corner threw the towel a few times after he had visited the mat. ”

This princely diet of the champion comes from the fact that he is recognized as the 7th richest of all the boxers on the planet. It comes after Floyd Mayweather ($ 564 million), George Foreman ($ 302 million), Oscar DeLaHoya ($ 301 million), Manny Pacquiao ($ 191 million), Lennox Lewis ($ 141 million) and Sugar Ray Leonard ($ 120 million) ).

Seven inches taller

For this match against Callum Smith, it can be predicted that the Briton will use his larger size against Canelo. He exhibits some punch in his left fist, but Canelo could neutralize that 7½-inch advantage over range by forcing him to fight at close range.

Since his loss in 2013 to Floyd Mayweather, Canelo has fought twelve fights and only two of his victims were six feet and taller. Sergey Kovalev (6 ‘) and Rocky Fielding (6’1’ ‘).

Against Fielding, he seemed in no way bothered by the size of his rival (5 inches taller). In this match where he won the WBA super middleweight title, he knocked his rival down once in the first round and twice in the third before the referee put an end to the hostilities.

Saul Alvarez is not only a hot bunny, but also a clever fox. When he defeated Rocky Fielding, he was taking on the less good of the other champions in the super middleweight.,

Same thing at the light heavyweights where he knocked out Sergey Kolvalev, admittedly less talented and older than Dimitry Bivol and Artur Beterbiev.

In short, the question is: Is he better than Caleb Plant or Billy Joe Saunders and Fedor Chudinov, the leaders of the super middleweight?

We will see who will pay for a Christmas present on December 19th.

At the moment my gift goes to Canelo by decision.

Disagree with NSAC

According to the Nevada Athletic Commission, referee Russell Mora made the right decision by ending the fight in the second round between Joshua Franco et Andrew Moloney, last Saturday, in Las Vegas.

Due to a header which completely closed Franco’s left eye, the doctor advised the referee to end the duel.

I remain convinced that Russell Mora like me has never seen the header. Because when he shouts: “Head Butt”, it is there that Franco passes the glove to his eye which showed a slight swelling at the time.

“Coudonc”, I saw. Reviewed and “re … reviewed” the entire game and I did not find a head butt that could have caused this enormous swelling which completely blocked the view in Franco’s left eye. On the other hand, I saw a superb direct from the right of Moloney and immediately Joshua’s left eye started to swell.

At that moment I couldn’t help but remember a terrible performance by this same Russell Mora, in 2011, during the match between Joseph Agbeko and Abner Mares. Mares had won by majority decision.

In this match, he forgot to crack down on Mares who often hit low. Even worse, in the eleventh round, Mora knocked Agbeko down, although the blow hit the protective cut of the lower abdomen.

That’s not the problem. These are the roughly thirty minutes it took Jay Nady and Bob Bennett to finally accept referee Russell Mora’s decision.

I have to congratulate our director Dario Diorio and his team for allowing Yvon Michel and me to hold out during these thirty minutes of inaction by the boxers.


Mora is not at his first contested decisions.

Emmy-winning journalist Jim Gray and excellent post-fight analyst had a tough argument with Mora after a meeting between Abner Mares and Joseph Abneko. He even told her that he was totally wrong when he spoke of his decision not to crack down on Mares.

Gray must have read somewhere in 2011 that Mora was one of the five worst umpires of the time.

According to several sites, the five worst referees of the time were Marlon B. Wright (Bute vs Andrade), Joe Cortez (Soto vs Lorenzo), Roger Tilleman (Reid vs Ottke), MORA (Mares Agbeko) and Garcia Perez (Willilams vs Airich)

It was August 13, 2011 at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas. Mares emerged victorious from the game by majority decision, but Mora’s performance was atrocious. He never penalized Mares for his low shots throughout the meeting. Especially his blow to the cut to protect the lower abdomen in the 11th round when Agbeko found himself on the mat. No penalty.

Good retirement

After ten years as boss of combat sports in Quebec, Michel Hamelin decided to resign from his post, two months before the end of his mandate. Good retirement!

Happy boxing!

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