Brabant mayors call: also prohibit the possession of fireworks | NOW

Mayors of large cities in the province of North Brabant also want the possession of fireworks to be banned around the turn of the year. This would make it easier to enforce the fireworks ban.

The Eindhoven mayor John Jorritsma says in it AD that extraordinary investigating officers (boas) regularly encounter people who say that they have fireworks alone. “And then you can’t do anything”, says Jorritsma.

Jorritsma, who is also chairman of the Brabant-Southeast Safety Region, fears that people across the border will buy their fireworks and then set them off in the Netherlands.

“Together with my colleagues Theo Weterings from Tilburg and Jack Mikkers from Den Bosch, I have emphatically argued for a national fireworks ban. That has been done. But it must be arranged that we can properly implement that ban”, emphasizes the Eindhoven mayor.

Paul Depla van Breda also supports the call. The mayors prefer to see sales to Dutch customers prohibited in Belgium. “It would make a big difference for safety and clarity to all residents if the countries coordinate their affairs,” Weterings said in the newspaper.

It is possible to enter 25 kilos of fireworks

Due to the crowds in Dutch hospitals as a result of the corona virus, fireworks are not allowed to be sold and set off. The Dutch are allowed to buy a maximum of 25 kilos of fireworks abroad and take them home.

Earlier this week, mayor Mark Slinkman of the Gelderland border municipality of Berg en Dal already argued for a one-time ban on the import of fireworks from Germany.

A week ago, State Secretary Stientje van Veldhoven (Infrastructure) announced that the fireworks industry had a compensation of 40 million euros will receive from the cabinet. That money is intended to pay for personnel costs, the lack of turnover and extra costs such as transport.


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