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Brady Bunch home sells for nearly $ 1.9 million because of concerns from buyers who will want to shoot it down

For years, the iconic home of the popular sitcom "The Brady Brunch" has attracted a steady stream of fans hoping to pose for photos in front of the property. And now, the house is up for sale for nearly $ 1.9 million – although it is possible that buyers want to demolish it.

The two-bedroom, three-bathroom home in Los Angeles's Studio City was sold After $ 1.855 million, the children of the original owners, George and Violet McCallister, decided to sell the property on the death of their parents. The McCallisters bought the house in 1973 for $ 61,000, according to records

  brady bunch listing 1

With the exception of a few updates and a door surrounding the property, the house looks a lot like fans of "Brady Bunch".

(Anthony Barcelo / Carswell and Associates)

  Original brady bunch house

The exterior, as seen in "The Brady Bunch", is shown.



But before they moved in, the house has already gained notoriety as the exterior of the Brady family's home, as seen on Brady Bunch "during his run between September 1969 to March 1974.

Ernie Carswell, an agent of Douglas Elliman who listed the house, told the Los Angeles Times that he was expecting an "avalanche" of offers. – We can see more than 500 calls a day, "said Carswell.

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The house boasts a" private and serene backyard ", according to its listing on

(Anthony Barcelo / Carswell and Associates)

The real estate agent said that the house was updated and improved, but is still a "postcard" of what the 1970s houses looked like with vintage keys from a wall chimney. paneled walls and floral wallpaper.

For those hoping to see the same interior design and the same layout filmed in "The Brady Bunch", they're out of luck. Scenes inside the sitcom were shot in a studio. The garage of the Studio City house has however been transformed into a recreation room that mimics the parlor garage-den.

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The interior shots of the Brady house were filmed in the studio, while the outdoors was used for opening and closing credits.


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The current interior, however, has paneled walls and a stone fireplace as the series.

(Anthony Barcelo / Carswell and Associates)


Carswell did not rule out the idea that the house on the lot of 12 500 square feet would be torn down, as the Los Angeles Times reported that several properties in the area have been demolished in recent years for new developments. But he said the owners would give the first shots to those who do not intend to demolish it.

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The Studio Hills website that used to be home to Mike and Carol Brady's house would attract 30 to 50 daily visitors.


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It may be that fans do not immediately recognize the interiors, which, while retaining some touches of the 70s, do not look much like the inside from Brady House.

(Anthony Barcelo / Carswell and Partners)

"We will not accept the first big offer from a developer who wants to shoot him," Carswell said. "We will wait a few days, in case others would like to buy it as an investment to preserve it."


The "Brady Bunch" house attracts 30 to 50 visitors a day, and it even has its own Yelp page. with a rating of 4-1 / 2 stars, said the agent.

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Vendors say that they would rather not sell the house "Brady Bunch" to developers who would like to demolish it, like other homes in the area.


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Ernie Carswell, a Douglas Elliman agent who listed the house, said he expects more than 500 requests a day.

(Anthony Barcelo / Carswell and Partners)

"The house looks exactly the same as in the living room with the exception of the color of the paint and the door that was probably installed to keep the tourists "

Another user who has heard of the house put up for sale said:" Beautiful !! Home !!! A must to see absolutely [.] If I had money I l & rsquo; Would definitely buy to keep it! "

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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