Brawl on open house after mom sent hamburger to leather … (Interior)

Vinderhoute / Brugge / Lievegem –

A couple from Waarschoot has had to answer before the Bruges criminal court for a fight at the school of their 17-year-old daughter. The situation got out of hand when the mother threw a hamburger at a teacher. Her husband was also on trial for a collision with the police.

On 3 June 2018, Free School Haverlo in Assebroek (West Flanders) held its open day. The parents of a 17-year-old student had already ordered a hamburger and were also standing by the chip shop. When four of a teacher’s students did not have to wait their turn, the puppets started to dance. SV (52) threw a hamburger at a teacher and physically assaulted her. Her husband MG (52) and their daughter did not leave themselves behind during the fight. The school claimed 1,000 euros in reputation damage and a symbolic euro for the three teachers involved.

MG was again involved in a violent incident in Sint-Laureins on 27 August. He wanted to intervene when his son had a conflict with another man. Meanwhile, the police were also on the spot. The defendant approached them with a baseball bat and said he would take care of it himself. His arrest was also not without a struggle. The officers had to use pepper spray to charge the recalcitrant man. “Stupid bitch, if you pepper me one more time, I will hit you in the head”, G. is said to have shouted then.

The public prosecutor’s office claimed 15 and 8 months of effective imprisonment for father and mother respectively. However, the defense claims that the defendants’ daughter was bullied by fellow students and teachers. According to their lawyer, the family had been waiting for 20 minutes when four students were allowed to stab. “That was supposed to be for a task, but their own daughter had to do that task too,” he said. In her own words, only the girl herself would have beaten during the skirmish. According to the defense, the incident in Sint-Laureins was due to excessive violence by the police.

The judge will rule on November 20.

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