Brazil gives its last goodbye to Joao Gilberto, the father of bossa nova


Hundreds of Brazilians gave their last goodbye to the singer, guitarist and composer on Monday Joao Gilberto, the father of the bossa nova and who died this Saturday at age 88 in his home in Rio de Janeiro.

Hundreds of people went to the Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro to pay a final tribute to one of the creators of bossa nova and they did it with the chords of Chega de Saudade, the song with which Joao Gilberto introduced this musical genre to the world.

"I want Brazil to be silent to listen to Joao Gilberto. That the Brazilians listen more to Joao Gilberto, "said the widow of the singer-songwriter, Maria do Céu Harris, when arriving at the wake. Also attending the ceremony were various personalities of the artistic milieu, such as the actresses Gloria Pires and Marieta Severo, or the singers Teresa Cristina and Adriana Calcanhoto.

"Today we have lost a giant. A musician who has influenced many of the people who have influenced me. In everything, from the tone of the guitar to the most rested way of singing. He is in everything, "Cristina told reporters.

Hundreds of people have paid their last tribute

For her part, Calcanhoto assured that, if it were not for Joao Gilberto's guitar, neither she nor "an entire generation" of artists "would exist". "His legacy has no end (…) I just have to thank Joao for everything he leaves us and hopefully he will continue to inspire many generations," the singer completed.

The body of the master of bossa nova, author of the trilogy Chega de Saudade, The love, the smile and the flower, Y Joao Gilberto, will be buried in the Parque da Colina Cemetery, in the city of Niteroi, in the metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro.

Born in the city of Juazeiro (Bahia), in 1931, Joao Gilberto died this Saturday at home at 88 years of age, leaving one of the greatest musical legacies in Brazil and a long list of disciples, including Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil and Chico Buarque, among others.

However, the last years of life of the Brazilian genius were marked by his imprisonment, by family disputes and by various financial and judicial problems.

Joao Gilberto will be buried in the Parque da Colina Cemetery, in the city of Niteroi


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