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Brazil has 73 dead in a day and society believes that Bolsonaro is

by drbyos

Death has been repeated by 73 in Brazil in the last 24 hours due to a coronavirus that has already caused 432 deaths and more than 10,000 contagions. The feeling that everything will get worse has been confirmed by an epidemiological bulletin of the Ministry of Health, which records the concern about the speed with which infections grow not only in Sao Paulo, the economic heart of the South American giant, but in the states of Rio de Janeiro, Ceará, Amazonas and the Federal District. Much of society is not only afraid of contracting the virus. The President’s Image Jair Bolsonaro it’s on the floor. His succession of orders and counter-orders, the confrontation he has had with state governors and the Minister of Health, Luiz Henrique Mandetta, for the measures of social isolation, as well as the underestimation of the pandemic, which he has called “little flu “, have caused more than half of Brazilians to no longer believe they are capable of leading the situation.

Journalistic criticism is lapidary. The conservative daily São Paulo State assured in its editorial that it is “notorious” the “inability” of the retired captain to exercise the presidency. “The double crisis in public health and the economy can be devastating. The pandemic is not under control. The recession is inevitable (& mldr;) And yet the worst disasters have their positive potential (& mldr;) in the case of Brazil, opens the possibility of getting rid of the worst president we have ever had “, Paulo Nogueira Batista pointed out in Jornal do Brasil. In his opinion, “the monumental shock produced by the new coronavirus and, in particular, the incompetence of the president, has caused immense wear. The number and importance of his opponents grew, even symptomatically on the right and even on the extreme right. ” Isto é magazine has already leaned in favor of their displacement. Its Saturday cover bears the provocative title of “the solution (Hamilton) Mourão “, accompanied by the image of the vice president and former general of the Army.

The Bolsonaro clan believes that Mourão already conspires against a president who strictly co-governs with the Armed Forces. His son and Rio de Janeiro councilor, Carlos Bolsonaro, expressed his displeasure at a meeting that the vice president had with the governor of Maranhão, Flávio Dino, who belongs to the Communist Party. “We had a meeting with a technical, respectful and sensible dialogue. Of course, Mourão is not in my ideological field. But, if Bolsonaro gives him the government, Brazil will arrive in 2022 in better conditions,” Dino said later.


Other leaders have already openly called for the removal of the head of state. Former presidential candidate Marina Silva considered that Bolsonaro’s situation limits the “need for a urgent clinical banEven psychoanalysts take the floor to try to explain what is happening. For the professor at the University of Sao Paylo, Miriam Debieux Rosa, Bolsonaro is now trying to transpose his “war logic” of violent responses to problems, who defended as a deputy to political management. The result of this are the “incessant crisis.” The psychoanalyst and writer Mário Corso estimates that the retired captain “feels inferior and attacks “ but because of “his intellectual weakness”.

According to Helio Schwartsman, a columnist for Folha, Bolsonaro has become “a a court jester“although with an important difference:” the fools of the court used to tell truths. “The signs that the President of the Republic added,”is no longer taken seriously they are numerous and unmistakable. “The mayors and governors, some of whom are elected in the same conservative wave that propelled Bolsonaro,” do exactly the opposite of what he recommends. “

At the moment, the retired captain takes refuge in the sevangelist ectors, who have economic power, media influence and parliamentarians. Bolsonaro wants to share with them the prayer for a healthy Brazil and also a common political horizon.


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