Brazilian police denounces for slander the woman who accuses Neymar


The Civil Police of the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo filed a complaint for "slander" against the woman accusing the French Paris Saint-Germain striker Neymar of rape, official sources said Wednesday.

The complaint against the model Najila Trindade was filed in the Sixth Police Station of Santo Amaro, in the south of Sao Paulo, after the commissioner José Fernando Bessa considered as slanderous accusations made by the young woman in an interview that he granted to the TV channel SBT .

In the interview to the program 'Conexao Reporter', in which he reaffirmed his accusation of aggression and rape against Neymar for an incident that occurred on May 15 at a hotel in the French capital, Trindade accused the Civil Police of corruption.

When questioned about the supposed theft of a tablet in which she claimed to have the evidence against Neymar and to be reminded that the fingerprints found by the authorities in her apartment were only those of herself and her trusted employee, Trindade He replied: "The police is bought, is not it? Or am I crazy? ».

Trindade came to accuse the alleged theft of his third lawyer, Danilo García de Andrade, who denied the accusations and resigned to continue representing the woman.

In the electronic tablet, according to the model, there was the complete video of almost seven minutes that she supposedly recorded in a second meeting in the same hotel room with Neymar, a day after the alleged violation and with which she intended to collect evidence in the that the player admitted sexual assault.

A little more than a minute of that video, in which images of the couple with her claiming and attacking Neymar for the events that supposedly happened a day earlier, were filtering in some television channels.

«Analyzing the content of Najila's statements to the press, especially when it is questioned about the fingerprints taken at the door of his apartment, the honor of the Police as an institution and that of the experts responsible for taking the dactyloscopic material was stained» , said the police report.

The same bulletin urges the experts who collected the material to submit a separate complaint against the model, in case of having felt defamed.

The Union of Police Commissioners of the State of Sao Paulo (Sindpesp) and the Association of Police Chiefs (Adpesp) issued a statement in which they express "solidarity with any victim of gender violence", but "repudiate" the « conjectures »that« tarnish the image of an entire institution ». (tagsToTranslate) neymar (t) model (t) report (t) police


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