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Brazilians asked to make their own masks

by drbyos

Brazil has been at the gates of 300 deaths from COVID-19. The 299 lethal cases and almost eight thousand infections Proven, as well as the dire predictions of what would begin to happen in a few weeks, have led the Health Minister, Luiz Henrique Mandetta, to ask the population not to leave their homes without mask. But it is not so easy to cover the mouths, among other things because the product, especially the one for surgical use, is scarce or is purchased at exorbitant prices. Mandetta was convinced that this receipt, claimed by the WHO, is essential and not only for doctors. Therefore, the ministry published a kind of home-made manual with “thick double-sided fabric”. According to the authorities, it is a “barrier as good” as professional chinstraps and, in addition, they have remarked, it can be washed by the user himself with soap or bleach, “leaving it to soak for about 20 minutes”. Mandetta also asked the Brazilians not to lend their masks to anyone. “The use is individual,” he stressed.


Jair Bolsonaro is upset with the role of Mandetta and said in public that “he lacks humility” and “wants to do his will “That is why he asked him to” listen more to the president. “The retired captain opposes the social isolation measures that the governors are carrying out and that have the implicit support of the Minister of Health.” I do not comment on what the President. Those with a mandate speak and those who do not, like me, work, “he replied to Bolsonaro’s words.

Brazil has purchased 500,000 rapid test units from China and another 4.5 million units have been ordered from the same company, Wondfo. The prominent sanitarian Gonzalo Vecina Neto considers it essential to carry out these exams and extend them to as much as possible of a population of 210 million inhabitants. But in its opinion, society also needs a leader “with his head in his place” and that is what is lacking in the face of the threats of the pandemic. For Vecina Neto, Minister Mandetta is in “a thorny position, because his boss does not believe him.” Bolsonaro regretted, “don’t believe in science. If you don’t believe in science, believe in witchcraft. There is no way”.


The retired captain regretted on Thursday that he did not have enough support to order a reopening of commercial activity in the country. “I’m waiting for people to ask for it.” The quarantine issue has pitted the president against the governors of the main states, including Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, part of Congress, intellectuals, scientists, health professionals and the media. Until Vice President Hamilton Mourão has sided with the advocates of isolation. The former general said that Brazil is still in a “pre-peak” phase of contagion and defended the restrictions. The resumption of economic activities must be “slow, gradual and safe”.

The influential São Paulo daily Folha once again launched harsh criticism of Bolsonaro in his latest editorial: “a statesman like the former prime minister is needed Winston Churchill, who, speaking to the British during World War II, said he had only to offer blood, hard work, sweat and tears, and led his country to an unlikely victory. “Brazil, he lamented, has nothing” remotely similar “in such delicate moments.


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