Bread Day: eight places to enjoy the best bakeries in Buenos Aires

Flavored, baguette, figazzas, cibattas, lactal bread, sliced ​​or sourdough. Today there are many varieties on breads. And every October 16 is World Bread Day.

On the occasion of celebrating his day, Infobae proposes a gastronomic tour to take away from the best bakeries that Buenos Aires offers.

Cuckold Bakery

(IG: @cocuboulangerie)
(IG: @cocuboulangerie)

An experience with flavors of France in the Palermo neighborhood. Here they have several classics of French gastronomy, among them they stand out for the wide variety of breads that they have in the boulangerie.

For this special day, they did a promo. 3×2 on all takeout breads. You can choose between: baguettes, country bread, seed, nut, crumb, whole wheat bread, or tomato and cheese fougasse.

Where? Malabia 1510, Palermo.


(IG: @boulanargentina)
(IG: @boulanargentina)

This bakery comes from the family tradition of four previous generations, and to this day all recipes are still respected. In this bakery you can find many varieties of bread.

From the classic Parisian baguette characterized by its crunchy crust and fluffy crumb, white sliced ​​bread, a rustic, lacteal bread, ideal for toast or sandwiches, to cheese braids, ciabattas, or flavored breads. They also have their healthy line, made with natural and nutritious ingredients, rich in vitamins, fibers and proteins, such as whole grain breads, with bran and multigrain.

Where? Sinclair 3196, Palermo.


(IG: @ panaderias.argentina)
(IG: @ panaderias.argentina)

A bakery with history. Its history begins in the Belgrano neighborhood and goes back more than 100 years to the legendary corner of Amenábar and Virrey Olaguer and Feliú. Today through their products, they have a single objective, to be present in the moments of happiness and pleasure that are part of life.

Among their baked goods, they offer: in the “light” ones, breads with a high fiber content, healthier and more natural, such as the Bran baguette, bran pebete, bran buns, bran lactal bread, multigrain lactal bread (bran, sunflower , poppy, sesame and flax), sesame chips and poppy chips or also, the “soft” ones, such as the Arabian figazza, the pebete, the Manteca figazzas, the lactal bread and the multigrain white lactal bread.

Where? Of. Forest 1502, Belgrano.

House bread

(IG: @hausbrotsa)
(IG: @hausbrotsa)

32 years passed from the dream that Marcos and Añuska had, who imagined a field where cereals grow without agrochemicals, where insects and bugs, bees, birds, chickens and cows live. This is how they created this house of organic products and it is 100% integral.

Among its breads, it offers several, even breadcrumbs. Some with seeds, mix of flavored breads in mini size, without salt, lactal bread, croutons for salads, and stuffed with cheese.

Where? Av. Elcano 3001, Colegiales.

The epi bakery

(IG: @lepiboulangerie)
(IG: @lepiboulangerie)

Bruno Gillot and Olivier Hanocq opened their doors in 2005, but at first their production was exclusively used to provide bread and viennoiserie to the main hotels and restaurants in Buenos Aires. Later, with years of experience, they decided to add a retail store.

In their variety of breads, they offer from beer breads, brioche, bread with nuts and raisins, sliced ​​bran, whole wheat bread, focaccias, pure rye bread, dinkel, mitronette, and country breads.

Where? Of. Crámer 2439, Belgrano.

Gontran Cherrier

(IG: @gontrancherrierar)
(IG: @gontrancherrierar)

Gontran Cherrier is the outstanding Palermo boulangerie, with a picturesque Parisian-style venue facing Armenia Square, where you can taste classic artisan breads, as well as patisserie, viennoiserie and cuisine products. All the bakery is made based on original recipes from the renowned French baker Gontran Cherrier with products that bear the French quality seal, such as Foricher flour and Elle et Vire butter.

Favorite options are: the “tradition” baguette, the cereal baguette and the sesame baguette with nutmeg, the Champagne bread, the sourdough levain bread and the bran bread and the olive and olive ciabatta, pesto ciabatta and ciabatta nature.

Where? Malabia 1805 Corner, Costa Rica, Palermo.

Wild Bakery

(IG: @salvajebakery)
(IG: @salvajebakery)

There’s no better place than this garage-turned-bakery, where every breakfast item shines on its own. Salvaje knows the importance of daily bread and pays tribute to the art of baking with his sourdough breads, buttery croissants and quality coffee.

Among the variety of breads are: campito, baguette, focaccia, field with buckwheat, wholemeal, walnut bread and multigrain to the mold.

Where? Of. Dorrego 1829, Palermo.



It is a space in the Saavedra neighborhood recognized for its home cooking with a twist and, although its proposal includes fresh pasta, rotisserie and traditional dishes, one of the most outstanding products is its homemade sourdough bakery. Every morning and throughout the day, its window displays baguettes, wholemeal or multi-seed breads, brioches, focaccias and tostaditas to pick up “on the go” or to order with home delivery.

Some outstanding options are: wholemeal bread in 500 g loaf format ($ 170) and 1 kg mold ($ 340), 500 g white loaf bread ($ 160) and 1 kg mold (320), bread Parmesan parmesan parked for 12 months ($ 85), the sesame seed bagel ($ 75), the fluffy brioche bread with a sweet touch, ideal for burgers or sandwiches ($ 75), the buckwheat bread ($ 220), the of carob ($ 230), the focaccia “Jornal” with tomato, red onion, parmesan and olive ($ 440), the schiacciata with sliced ​​potato, onion, bell pepper, garlic, thyme and rosemary ($ 250), among others.

Where? Av. García del Río 2802, Saavedra.


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