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Break management, the Monumental punished and Quinteros offered himself to the Red: the fatal month that left Colo Colo out of the Copa Libertadores.

Exactly one month ago, Colo Colo was pure illusion. Los Albos made a perfect start to the Copa Libertadores, with a historic performance against Fortaleza, in Brazil, and another equally commendable victory against Alianza Lima, in the Monumental. Two solid and, most importantly, productive presentations. Gustavo Quinteros’ team liked him, but most of all, he added. He already has six points on the same number of possible figures. The passage of round 16 of the continental tournament seemed like a fully realized goal. Even more, the most optimistic rose to the bar, assuming that Cacique would pass the group stage and could dream of a historic presentation at the continental tournament. “With these two duels, against good rivals, playing as he did, obviously it gives the fan hope for bigger things. This is just the beginning, but, yes, they are signs. How far it will go, time will tell“, said Marcelo Ramírez, who was part of the squad that won the continental trophy in 1991 and later became an idol of the fans of the popular team.

In Rambo’s reflection, time was too cruel for Colo Colo. Especially in those thirty days, where events have not stopped happening that explain the elimination of the continental tournament that took place this Wednesday, and fall against the same Brazilian squad being beaten at home, a rival that, on paper. , it seemed entirely manageable. Albos were third in Group F and had to enter the Copa Sudamericana. Well below expectations that the initial level allows them to predict. The dream of reproducing the title found in 1991 had to be stopped for another year. The search for explanations has begun.

Until the victory over Alianza Lima, in Macul, everything seemed to be in order at dawn. The team worked with an institutionally observed harmony that was rarely seen in black and white. The management of Edmundo Valladares at the head of the dealership managed to keep the balance, at least in appearance. Fans, meanwhile, once again trusted the club’s management, to the point that by then the helmsman had received permanent signs of affection both at the Cacique Stadium and on social media, an unprecedented scenario, or at least strange , in the history of the dealer. This atmosphere was transferred directly to the campus with the coaching staff.

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However, in those same days, plans that ended with Valladares out of the office began to articulate. The bloc was led by Aníbal Mosa, who managed to meditate on the return of the head of the white management company, and Leonidas Vial, the chief detractor of the Portomontino administration, now joined forces to proclaim Alfredo Stöhwing as the new head of authority. in there. institution. Fans saw the change as a setback in relation to what, according to what they felt and said, they had during the Valladares administration: the perception that they had made significant progress in the desire to regain control of the club they loved. Especially through social networks, they express their discomfort and determination.

Alfredo Stöhwing, the new president of Blanco y Negro. Photo: Sebastian Orders / Colo Colo.

A day after Stöwhing’s assumption, Colo Colo was measured with River Plate at the Monumental. The macula, it is worth clarifying. This game ended decisively in many ways. The first, football. Quinteros’s team, although they performed well and sometimes balanced Marcelo Gallardo’s team level, are considered one of the best in South America, missing three points which, in the final count, can be considered decisive.

However, the worst did not happen on the field of play. Before the game, in the vicinity of the dreaded Albo, there were serious incidents, caused by fans who tried to enter the Coliseum without carrying their respective tickets. There were clashes with police and a serious risk to the rest of the spectators. Finally, inside, there were more problems. Gallardo himself denounced receiving projectiles and the way the Argentine squad had to abandon the victory after receiving three notorious points: protect with umbrellas to prevent any of the objects, launched mainly from the White Claw, from hitting the target.. There was more: in the southern sector, white fans threw blunt objects at Argentina’s bias.

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Conmebol took note and the decision of his Disciplinary Unit was stoned: a fine of US $ 99,500 and the impossibility of receiving an assistant in the match against Fortaleza, which was always known to be decisive. There, the Albos began, probably without suspecting it, to put their continuity in the Cup at risk.

All that followed was bad: from impossible to win a completely favorable match against Alianza, in Lima, which would serve the standings, in the draw against O’Higgins, and one less person due to the early expulsion of Gabriel Costa.

Ensidan Colo Colo vs River Plate
The incidents in the prelude to the match between Colo Colo and River Plate.

Colo Colo’s campaign and, above all, the attractive style of play shown by the albos, eyes focused. La Roja was left without a coach after the departure of Martín Lasarte and one of the names that appears as an option to take the position is Quinteros. The possibility of a duality of function between the benches of the Albos and the National Team was even raised.

The approaches were concrete and Quinteros ’interest in assuming the role was real. “Gustavo wants to lead the Chilean team; ANFP and Colo Colo have to seek an agreement“, stated Luciano Duthu, the coach’s representative at El Deportivo a week ago. The notice was more specific.”Let the leaders not make mistakes. Gustavo Quinteros is the best coach, the ideal coach to take the Chilean team. He wants the challenge. I invite the Federation and Colo Colo to seek a consensus so that Gustavo can assume the Chilean selection. He deserves it “he was exposed.

“The clause is very manageable, but here the most important thing is another situation: what do the leaders want for the future of Chilean football and the representation of Chilean football abroad? That’s where it goes. Here in Argentina it happened on an occasion that the AFA asked Coco Basile, who had won five titles in a row at Boca. Thus, despite grief for Boca, it all ended with Basile in the Argentina team. You have to take into account what you want, what you are looking for, and then go deeper into a path that leads to where you want to go, “added Duthu, in relation to the $ 400 thousand that Quinteros should pay. in Macul for his freedom.The figure is completely affordable for this type of negotiation.

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Gustavo Quinteros leaves Monumental ground after elimination against Fortaleza (Photo: AP)

The sum of the inevitable factors in football. In the last 30 days, Colo Colo has lost the level. First, as in Lima, he paid dearly for his lack of strength, but then, directly, he stopped playing well, as he started the season: his deficiencies of generations began to become apparent, the lack of an alternative game plan and, For making things worse, he lost defensive solidity. In the game against Fortaleza, for example, He was permanently exposed to attacks by the Brazilian team, which tried to take advantage of the slowdown of central defenders Maximiliano Falcón and Emiliano Amor. The Argentine paid dearly for the reduced physical condition where he arrived at the duel. The peroneal tendonopathy that he suffered from hit planning Gustavo Quinteros says, but despite that, he continued to use it in couple matches, for which he even had to infiltrate. Against River, this was apparent and in the duel against Fortaleza he did not look very comfortable, beyond that he finished the game. “Love is not hurt, otherwise it will not play. He plays with a nuisance, but if he was injured he could not play“, justified the coach.

The defense was not the only one to suffer during this period. Equally notorious was the decline in the level of Peruvian Gabriel Costa, the call to provide a dose of creativity in a dispensed formula with a specialist “10”. The Inca was expelled against O’Higgins and against Fortaleza it was a small contribution.

The offensive inexperience was also notorious. Throughout the pair, Colo Colo executed 37 shots on goal (13 of them against Fortaleza) and barely scored 9 goals. Very little for a team that pretends to be a protagonist.

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