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Breakdowns, delays, exasperation of users … The TGV to the rescue of Norman trains

One could find that it is a fair return of things: undermined by the health and economic situation, the TGV “king” has been coming to the aid of Norman trains in trouble for a long time. Real culture change? For the railway company, it is above all a question of showing its white paw in the face of the Normandy region. Hervé Morin had indeed suspended the payment of his royalties to the SNCF in July 2020 in the face of the multiplication of dysfunctions. A few days ago users had again made their dissatisfaction known by organizing a “ticket strike”.

Three TGV trainsets, including a first in November and two others in mid-December, will be made available for 7 months by SNCF. Each train, coming from the TGV Atlantique fleet, will make three trips per day on the Paris-Rouen-Le Havre line. This provision for regional lines is a first in France.

« Bombardier, it’s a betrayal ! »

The good news thus arrived yesterday by the voice of the president of the SNCF Jean-Pierre Farandou come especially in Rouen. An unprecedented offer all the more welcome given that the delivery of the new Omneo trains is very late. Hervé Morin believes in this regard “ that Bombardier behaved badly with all the French regions having taken orders without having the means to produce, it is a betrayal ! »

Another announcement from Jean-Pierre Farandou, the reinforcement of maintenance staff on the sites of the technicentres in Clichy and Sotteville-lès-Rouen. 50 posts come as reinforcements, « 40 of which are already operational. » With the region’s desire to take control as much as possible over the management of equipment in the new Sottevillais center.

The information of travelers is also an irritating subject. On this subject “ We are going to broadcast more messages to Norman travelers in Saint-Lazare station ». From December, the explanations of the delays will be made more explicit. « We have feedback on the issues and there are many exogenous causes (climatic, human …). We must explain the causes, let’s say, precisely why it does not work », still wishes Hervé Morin.

The president of the SNCF has pledged to return in January to take stock of these new measures.


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