Breaking news … Important statements from President Erdoğan

President Erdogan, from the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of his party, AK Party Denizli, Mersin and Uşak attended the 7th ordinary provincial congresses with a live connection.

AK Parti’nin congress Reminding that their processes take place with great meetings, which are the democracy feasts they perform together with the nation, Erdogan stated that they had to hold congresses with very limited participation this period due to the epidemic.

Expressing that they are planning to complete all provincial congresses by the end of February, Erdogan said that he personally participated in a significant part of provincial congresses in the past and now they are trying to hold these meetings through live connections.

Expressing that their hearts are always one and together, as the lover said, “There is a path from heart to heart as soon as it is seen / From heart to heart the path is secret”, Erdogan continued his words as follows:
“Hopefully, we hope to be able to gather our 7th ordinary grand congress together with our nation and in the most enthusiastic way, as we wish, with the control of the epidemic. For political parties, especially our party, every congress means a new breath, a new excitement, a new energy. I see it, I really take pride in it. I see the hall in Mersin, I am really proud. I see the hall in Uşak, I am really proud. Therefore, I believe that our union will carry us much differently to 2023 and will enable us to come out of the 2024 local elections much stronger. . “

Expressing that the AK Party is a political movement that has manifested itself as the party with the highest ability to renew itself since its establishment, Erdoğan said:
“I hope this qualification of our our cities, towns and cities in our Congress, Turkey will prove once again our nation in our big convention in general. They continued their Whether the task, whether they have taken on new duties, all the organization of our’ve got an important expectations. Together AK Party, Turkey’s only We will show that it is not only the last 18 years but also the party of its future.As the party with more than 11 million members and the organization of strong women and youth branches besides the main level, we have a great advantage in this regard as our country’s broadest-based party. locomotive itself is also very notion of our nation t. If we how far do we do with our nation. If we achieve what we have achieved with our nation. delivery to Turkey in 2023, to meet the 2053 vision again will perform together with our nation. execution location of the politics that subject people is 83 million citizens of our hearts. First we will win hearts, then vote we will want. “

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Expressing that the politics of the press and social media media are the only place to be registered and announced, Erdogan said, “What we need to do is to knock on the door of each of our people, to listen to their problems, to learn their expectations, to provide the necessary contacts if there are things that can be helped and thus to gain a place in the hearts. Even if there is only one person in our country that we have not reached in this way, that we have not touched, this is a shortcoming that we must compensate immediately. Our headquarters will work properly so that our provincial organizations enthusiastically come to the field. let a member walk around the field. “


President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated that his political style ranging from its chairman to the ballot box officer and its member has brought the AK Party to power and has kept it in power for 18 years, and addressed the organizations as follows:
“This line from out Herzegovina before our nation will weaken our ties of affection, then we will lose our support at the polls. Our more services to offer But our nation, we have more masterpieces will save our country. Both so far binbir effort to go with the gains we’ve created and Turkey is much more to move forward to Cumhur Alliance You have aspired to such a historical responsibility at the same time with the duties you assumed in the organizations. I hope you will carry the People’s Alliance and the AK Party to victory in the 2023 elections. To all who feel themselves as a member of this great family. Our hearts and our doors are open to the end and will remain open to all levels of our party. I would like to thank each of you in advance for the effort you will show, the effort you will make and the sacrifice you will make in the coming period. “

Expressing that the service and work policy of the AK Party is “a truth that has a corresponding in every inch of the country, in every person’s life”, Erdoğan continued as follows:
“We are proud that our country has earned a lot more than all the things done in the history of the Republic in only 18 years. Thank God, we have passed an age in our country in every field from education to health, from transportation to energy, from sports to social state practices. We have increased the reputation of our country with honorable and decisive policies. We have increased the quality of life of each citizen as never before, and expanded their view of the world. There is this picture of pride behind our nation’s ranking of the AK Party in 15 general elections, local elections, presidential elections and popular voting. Moreover, we have achieved all these achievements despite the traps, attacks and obstruction efforts of tutelage, terrorist organizations, coup plotters, and many circles that harbor hostility towards our country. “

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Expressing that the AK Party has found political opposition in every phase of its long term in power, President and AK Party Chairman Erdoğan said:
“Theoretically, we had to make the most important competition with the main opposition party, the CHP. I regret to state that none of the main opposition actors and cadres competed with us for work and service politics. They sometimes winked at the coup plotters and waited for the granting of power to them. They even went so far as to wish the country to get into trouble, from global, economic and social crises to natural disasters, in the cause and consequences of which they would have no will. We say the opposite, to oppose whatever we are doing. what direction to go if we have adopted as opposition style to tend towards the opposite direction, as the nation they have such a presentation. But no actor today CHP leader of the past as the caricature did not show an image. in fact, there is a politics of CHP in Turkey, even the CHP he is a party that It is questionable whether it is not. I ask from here; I wonder what the CHP is doing on behalf of its own legal personality, what policy is it developing, which project is it producing, which program is it defending? These are all unanswered questions. So is the CHP not working at all? Of course, there is a duty the CHP performs. We can compare this task to a scale. There is HDP on one side of the scale and İYİ Party on the other. The task given to the CHP is to keep these two panes in balance and to prevent the breakdown of the semi-secret and semi-open alliance established. The person who put his party in this situation, silences everyone who opposes him and, if necessary, exits the door, and displays the steepness of the dictatorship. You know, they accused us and many politicians of one man for years. So do you know what is happening in the CHP now? Currently, the only buggy politics is working in the CHP. Turkey’s first political party, the CHP a single buggy and they condemned the strategy is unknown who his soufflé. “

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Erdogan, noting that every chairman has a story of coming to the head of his party, “This is the only chairman who came to the head of his party with tape. No matter how much we criticize, no matter how angry we are, we sincerely regret that our country’s main opposition party has been put in such a situation.” said.

Alternative programs of the opposition in a democracy, projects, firing power with the vision, the more that Erdogan has a mission that led to the study, “such depth on a mission to leave in Turkey, not only in the country and the main issues of the nation, we have local and even search the main opposition displaying a national attitude . Hopefully 2023 elections in our country besides the opportunity to remove the service and work politics for the AK Party to a higher stage will be instrumental in being a real opposition. my Lord, I entreat the conferment of the honor large and built powerful Turkey to the staff. for this, we will always work together day and night . ” he spoke.


President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said to the tradesmen and craftsmen, “I want to give good news to our tradesmen and craftsmen. The installments of interest-supported loans from the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, which are made available to tradesmen and craftsmen by Halkbank, will be postponed in the 6-month period between January 1, 2021 and June 30, 2021.” gave the good news.

Erdogan stated that he will go to Elazig, where the earthquake occurred last year, for the housing delivery ceremonies, and said, “We have proved with this that the AK Party government has carried out its works quickly and how fast the current government is in the job of our government.” said.

President and AK Party Chairman Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, after his speech, was connected to the halls where congresses were held in Denizli, Mersin and Uşak.

In his speech on these connections, Erdogan greeted those in the hall by asking the main level, women and youth branches to stand up, and wished success to the new recipients by wishing “good luck”. The provincial heads who took the floor also gave a short greeting speech.


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