Breaking news … New development about Kadir Şeker! Objection to the decision from Konya Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office

Konya At the 3rd High Criminal Court on 14 October, the prosecutor repeated his opinion, demanding that Şeker be punished for “deliberate murder under unjust provocation” and that the unjust provocation reduction be applied at the highest level.

The court, on the other hand, decided that Şeker would be sentenced to life imprisonment for “deliberate murder”, the sentence to be reduced to 15 years with a reduction of unjust provocation, and 12 years and 6 months with a reduction in good conduct.


Konya Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office made an objection to Konya Regional Court of Justice demanding that the unjust provocation discount given to Şeker should be applied at the highest limit, considering the scope of the file, the evidence and the way the incident occurred. The appeal will be evaluated by the higher court.


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