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Breaking with Morocco: the culmination of the betrayal of Algerian leaders – Barlamane

The long break, or rather, the eternal break between Morocco and Algeria is basically attributed to our neighbor to the east, due to an accumulation, not of misunderstandings or disagreements, but of betrayal, since the independence of the country this and long before.

Algiers renounces its commitment on the borders

The first of the betrayals of the system that was installed by force in Algiers, replacing the provisional government (GPRA), is the refusal to renegotiate the borders with Morocco, agreed with the GPRA, so as not to change the struggle for the liberation of Algeria. . Days after his installation in the Algerian capital, Ben Bella refused to raise the subject with the Moroccan sovereign, who was making the first visit of a foreign head of state to this newly independent country. In honoring the commitment of his predecessors with Morocco, Ben Bella would certainly have signed his first act of positive neighborliness with Morocco, which offered the first official cars to the Algerian government as well as helicopters, recovered in Meknès by Algerian pilots (recent testimony. one of these drivers).

Fully aware of the reversal and procrastination and Machiavellian practices of the new system, Morocco continued to rely on time, for some time now, to be able to solve this problem first inherited from colonization, and that it could face France, before. independence of Algeria, but his political and strategic choices were to avoid raising bilateral issues with Algeria, so as not to change the Algerian resistance.

To bury definitively this problem in the borders with Morocco and dedicate the fact, the Algerian system imagines, like today, disastrous scenarios, in particular those that provoke incidents at the border, on the territory until now under the undisputed sovereignty of the Country King of Morocco. Thus, the Algerian army, then assisted by Egyptian and Cuban collaborators, killed Moroccan guards stationed on the Moroccan border in Hassi Beida and Tinjoub, in Moroccan territory, and increased attacks in the region of Figuig and Oujda. Moroccan emissaries, sent to Algiers to protest the killing of Moroccan guards, received no sign of remorse from Ben Bella. Even worse, the Algerian authorities continued their aggression against Morocco, with the obvious goal of provoking a conflict between the two countries and from there, imposing on Morocco, through the OAU, the inviolability of the borders. The betrayal even preceded the independence of this country that languished for half a millennium under foreign occupation, when it was not simply Terra Nullius. Former FLN leader Abdelhamid Mehri, once retired, said Algeria’s commitment to renegotiate the border with Morocco was not. “just a tactic” not to change Morocco’s support for the Algerian cause.

In 1972, Morocco and Algeria signed a border agreement and a cooperation treaty, in the presence of the so-called Algerian Zaim, Houari Boumediene and African heads of state gathered in Rabat for an OAU summit. There, Zaim officially and solemnly promised before the African heads of state to support Morocco and Mauritania for the liberation of the Sahara. Algerians are demanding today to re-listen to the video recording of Zaim’s engagement to gauge the gravity and scale of the betrayal against neighboring Morocco.

Algeria opposes the recovery of the Moroccan Sahara

While the two countries should begin delimiting their borders, a group of Moroccan opponents, who received, on the instructions of the pseudo Zaim, military training in Algeria, under the patronage of Chadli Bendjdid, commander of the military region of Oran, and infiltrated the territory in the Kingdom, causing problems in some cities in the country (1973). A few months later, Morocco launched the Green March for the recovery of its Sahara. Algeria opposed it first, by appointing an Algerian lawyer to the Court of The Hague, to challenge Morocco’s historical rights to its Sahara and, then, to create a so-called Sahara liberation movement, said Polisario, installed in a large hotel in Algiers , to counter the Moroccan claims. Algeria then created a republic in Tindouf, and drew on its currency reserves, for the simple pleasure of defeating Morocco, to the detriment of the supreme interests of the Algerian people. We know very well that the Algerian people have never expressed their opinion on this issue and only a small minority of soldiers, diplomats and slave pens drink from the country’s currency reserves, which are derived from hydrocarbons.

Expulsion of Morocco from Algeria

Moroccans do not forget that 350,000 of their compatriots were expelled from Algeria on the day of Aid Al Adha, manu militari, the day after the green march, by the so-called Zaim, a “fervent supporter” of the slogan. “Maghreb peoples”, to avenge our country. They will also never forget the Algerian conspiracy against our country, when, in 1994, the Algerian intelligence services sponsored an attack in Marrakech, hoping to influence the position of Western countries in favor of Algeria, which was ruled only there . fight against the violence that broke out in the country. The attack was claimed by a former Algerian intelligence agent, now in exile in London. This criminal attack, designed and executed by the Algerian intelligence services, gives our country carte blanche to present visas to all Algerian visitors, putting on hold all its commitments in the context of the Maghreb, because it is in its security first .

If Algeria raises the banner of the inviolability of the borders, it is still not afraid that Morocco, and probably Tunisia and Libya, will raise border issues, because these two countries, for their part, consider that their territories have been amputated, in favor of Algeria. In any case, as far as Morocco is concerned, there is no doubt that the Algerian leaders fear, to this day, that Morocco will raise problems on its eastern border with this neighboring country.

Was the Sahara conflict precisely created to repel eternally and forever any Moroccan territorial claims in the East, by making Tindouf, which remained in Morocco until 1952, a so-called bastion of the liberation struggle? “Saharawi”and lice “Algerianize” the ancient population of Morocco, some of whom still hold their Moroccan identity cards!

The problem between the two countries is not reduced to a lack of trust, but rather to an accumulation of betrayal by Algeria against Morocco.

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