Brexit is "a diversion", according to British filmmaker Ken Loach


British director Ken Loach returns Wednesday, October 23 in theaters in France with "Sorry We Missed You", a statement without appeal on the uberization of society. At 83, Ken Loach, tireless activist, continues to film the social misery in his country to move the lines. "The main problem we have is, as shown in the film, the precarious work, the great poverty where many families do not eat unless charities give them food.", he exposes Tuesday, October 22 on franceinfo.

The filmmaker evokes "total areas where there is no industry, no investment, large inequalities"in his country that counts "a lot of homeless people". There is "a huge housing crisis"he says, "a collapsing health system, a terrible shortage of nurses, doctors, doctors, kids who do not go to school … we have big problems." Brexit, according to Ken Loach, is "an argument": "This is a discussion between two branches of the right, He says. One side thinks it is better to stay in Europe to get its share of the market and the other, the far right, wants to leave the European Union because they think they can exploit even more out of Europe. 'European Union. And in the middle, there are people. "

"It will be even worse if Boris Johnson's madman is in power when he gets out of the Union." Anyone on the far right is scared because we know the damage they can cause, and those of us who have a long memory remember what happened during the last century.When the far right is in motion, we have things to fear ", recalls the British director. "It will be necessary to unite again against this extreme right"he predicts, however, showing complete confidence in the British left.

We have a powerful left wing in the United Kingdom, which is likely to act in favor of the people, which will reduce the power of capital, which will return to some form of public ownership and put back our public services.

"People are not talking about it yet, but we have the biggest left-wing political party in Europe.establishment is totally panicked and that's what you have to fight. But it would help us a lot if the progressive forces in the rest of Europe, as in France for that matter, unite instead of being in small left-wing groups. "


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