Brexit, Theresa May will introduce a bill in early June


"We will introduce the exit agreement bill during the week of June 3"Tuesday, May 14, a government statement said, saying talks with Labor had been "Useful and constructive".

"It's imperative to do it" on that date, so that the United Kingdom can leave the European Union "Before the parliamentary break of the summer"in July, estimated the government.

To prevent British MEPs from sitting in the European Parliament

The latter hopes to avoid that British deputies elected at the European women, which will take place on May 23 in the Brexit country, will sit in the newly formed European Parliament, whose first plenary session is scheduled for July 2.

But if "The (British) Parliament has not adopted an exit agreement, approved by the Queen, by June 30", MPs "Sit"Up to October 31, the deadline set by the European Union (EU) for the British Parliament to ratify an agreement, said a spokeswoman for Theresa May earlier in the day.

The British will still participate in the European elections

The British prime minister had pledged to cancel the European election if an agreement was reached before that date. But Deputy Prime Minister David Lidington had announced Tuesday May 7 that given "The short time remaining (…), it is unfortunately not possible to complete the legislative process before the legal date of the European elections"

The exit agreement signed by Theresa May with Brussels in November has already been rejected three times by British MPs, forcing London to ask twice for a Brexit postponement in Brussels, initially scheduled for 29 March.

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