Wednesday, 16 Jan 2019

Brighton and Crystal Palace supporters clash with police as violence erupts

Brighton and Crystal Palace fans clashed before their Premier League match on Tuesday night.

Both groups of fans appeared to be fighting with police officers forced to intervene at the Brighton station.

The homophobic songs of a group of supporter supporters directed against local fans seemed to spark violence, reports The Argus.

Palace fans were escorted to the police station by police on Queen's Road, but after crossing a pub with Brighton fans outside, anger resumed.

The M23 derby has had problems in recent years, with Roy Hodgson having begged fans to behave before tonight's game.

Police outside the Amex stadium

"I'm expecting our fans to behave well and to Brighton fans," said the former manager of England. "Unfortunately, there will always be cases where some people will not do it.

"But the major difference today, compared to the very bad moments of violence in the crowd, where they happen every day, is that people react very quickly and condemn behavior and that clubs identify quickly the culprits and hang them.

There was an increased police presence at Amex

"I do not know if there are so many other things that we can do, if it is not to emphasize that this behavior has nothing to do with football.They are related to society and not to football.

"Racist people can also come to football. It's good in some ways, football makes it more difficult for them. We distinguish them much more quickly and we distinguish them when we walk in the street. "

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