Brigitte Bardot’s testimony on her sister

Despite her absence on film sets for a long time, Brigitte Bardot nevertheless remains very present in the media. Moreover, she recently republished her autobiographical book entitled “Initials BB Mémoires” and confided at the same time on her younger sister.

In this period of confinement, Brigitte Bardot is also cloistered in her home just like most French people. Based in St Tropez for several years, the 86-year-old actress lives very far from her relatives, including his younger sister that she hasn’t seen for 20 years.


Better known by the nickname “Mijanou”, Marie-Jeanne Bardot was born in Paris on May 5, 1938. Like her big sister Brigitte, she once worked as an actress.

Brigitte Bardot and her sister Mijanou Bardot, April 3, 1958. | Photo: Getty Images

For her first steps in cinema, she played the character of Micheline in “Club de Femmes”, a comedy directed by Ralph Habib.

Subsequently, she appeared in other feature films such as “Until the last” by Pierre Billon, “Une bullet dans le canon” by directors Michel Deville and Charles Gérard or even “The collector” by Eric Rohmer .

It was in 1970 that she shot her last film before ending her acting career. During an interview with Soir Magazine in 2009, Mijanou Bardot explained himself on this subject.

According to her statements, she has always been shy in front of the cameras, that on the sets, she felt bad and had the impression of having done nothing with her days.

In addition, she also quit the cinema to devote herself fully to her love life. Indeed, at that time, his couple with actor Patrick Bauchau had just formed.

  Mijanou Bardot in Saint-Tropez, France May 25, 1965. |  Photo: Getty Images

Mijanou Bardot in Saint-Tropez, France May 25, 1965. | Photo: Getty Images

Still together, the two lovebirds have lived in Los Angeles since 1989 and are the proud parents of a girl named Camille.

After having definitely turned the page on her career as an actress, Brigitte Bardot’s little sister has ventured into a completely different field, that of real estate.


Even though they live thousands of kilometers from each other, Brigitte and Mijanou Bardot have still remained very close.

Moreover, according to the one who became an international star for her legendary role in Roger Vadim’s film, “And God created woman”, to love her younger sister, she does not need to see her. , nor to call him every day.

French star Brigitte Bardot relaxes on her sister Mikanou's lap.  |  Photo: Getty Images

French star Brigitte Bardot relaxes on her sister Mikanou’s lap. | Photo: Getty Images

Even if they have each had their own life for a very long time, as Nicolas’ mother clarified, the two sisters have always remained in contact.


In her last years, Brigitte Bardot has often made the headlines not for her past as an actress, but for her fierce commitment to the protection of animals.

Moreover, in France, the wife of the businessman Bernard d’Omale has established herself as the spokesperson for this cause, through the foundation that bears her own name.

Portrait of actress and model Brigitte Bardot wearing a light blue off-the-shoulder dress.  |  Photo: Getty Images

Portrait of actress and model Brigitte Bardot wearing a light blue off-the-shoulder dress. | Photo: Getty Images

Note that in this fight for the animal cause, she is not alone since her younger sister is just as involved. Also in 2009 and in the columns of Soir Magazine, Mijanou Bardot said:

“The love of animals is perhaps the only thing I have in common with my sister.”


Known for her outspokenness, Brigitte Bardot does not have her tongue in her pocket. Moreover, during an interview with France Soir, the interpreter of the song “Harley Davidson” gave his opinion concerning the coronavirus which, since its appearance towards the end of 2019, continues to spread around the world.

Indeed, Brigitte Bardot thinks that this pandemic did not happen by chance.

Brigitte Bardot, animal rights activist, visits her dog shelter “The Nice Dogs” in Carnoules on October 7, 2001 in Paris, France. | Photo: Getty Images

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