Brindisi, director Valentina Pedicini died prematurely

Director Valentina Pedicini died prematurely on November 20, after struggling with a serious illness. This was announced by the producer of his latest film Faith, Donatella Palermo. Pedicini was born in Brindisi on 6 April 1978, she graduated in directing from the Zelig International School of Documentary; with the documentary “Dal Profondo” (2013) he had won the Solinas Prize, participated in the Rome Film Festival and the Nastri D’Argento, joining five at the David di Donatello. His short film “Era Ieri” (2016) was selected for the International Critics’ Week at the Venice Film Festival. “Where Shadows Fall” with Elena Cotta and Federica Rosellini, was her debut in fiction, produced by Fandango and presented at the Venice Days 2017.

This is how Donatella Palermo, producer of her latest film «Faith” remembers her: “Today Valentina is gone. This was her last night just passed. It’s hard to accept. I think of her film Dal Profondo: it begins with a descent. in the darkness of the earth, an image that gets darker and darker and a woman’s voice saying: ‘Breathe, breathe slowly, don’t be afraid; soon your eyes will get used to the dark. And at the end of the film a woman walks on the horizon and an inscription appears: And I don’t know how to spend the night now swimming | I did something against fear | I sat down to write | for whoever wants to sit down. Here, Valentina didn’t spend the night, but she wrote hers We can sit and watch them and something of her is still there. ‘and the night is less scary now (from Faith) ”.
This is how Paolo Del Brocco, CEO of Rai Cinema remembers: “I am very saddened by the untimely death of Valentina Pedicini, a talented director who brought us with her latest delicate and powerful work Faith to Idfa in Amsterdam and then to Berlin , a documentary produced by Rai Cinema which has deservedly collected many awards in the world ».

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