Bringing Oxygen Cylinders to Work, This Covid-19 Patient Accused of Drama by His Office All

BOKARO, – The bank in India accused Covid-19 patients who worked while carrying oxygen cylinders of drama.

Arvind Kumar, manager of the Punjab National Bank (PNB) Bokaro Branch, went viral after coming to work while being put on a respirator.

In the video circulating, the middle-aged man admitted that his request for sick leave was rejected.

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So, Kumar admitted that he was forced to come to work even though he was undergoing a recovery phase after being infected with Covid-19.

The video of Kumar carrying an oxygen cylinder and being assisted by his wife has drawn the attention and anger of the Indian public.

“The doctor said it took me three months to completely recover because the infection spread to my lungs. Why am I being humiliated?” he complained.

Reported Oddity Central, Thursday (3/6/2021), the patient’s complaint allegedly occurred on May 25 at branch office 4 Bokaro.

The bank did not accept the attack, and published a statement that Kumar had created a drama to undermine their reputation.

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PNB revealed that Kumar had actually submitted his resignation letter and it ended in rejection.

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The reason, he became the subject of a departmental investigation related to non-performing asset loans (NPA).

In published release Livehindustan, PNB emphasized that it was not true that Kumar was asked by his superiors to stay in even though he was exposed to the corona virus.

The bank explained that leave will be given if the employee is truly infected for the benefit of the employee and to prevent other infections.

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“The accusations that he made that he was forced to report for duty are completely unfounded,” complained PNB.

Livehindustan reported, Kumar’s family admitted they were threatened with a reduction in salary if they did not work.

That’s why the manager came with an oxygen cylinder. However, he has kept quiet about his status under investigation due to non-performing loans.


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