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Brit Awards: World star irritates at gala with revealing dress – you can really see everything

Striking dresses and outfits on the Red Carpets are now used to the stars. But you really saw everything in the rag dress of a top singer at the Brit Awards.

  • Both Brit Awards the stars came again in eye-catching robes and outfits
  • Ellie Goulding worried with her dress for special attention
  • You really saw everything

London – A lot has been seen on the red carpets of the world. Huge flowers or wacky constructs that cover the clothes of the singers, Actresses or models adorn. And from colorful to ultra-scarce, the photographers have the Red carpets everything has already been photographed. A singer with the Brit Awards 2020 but now irritated with a completely new combination.

Ellie Goulding: Moth holes in a red carpet dress

While other people get annoyed when they spot a moth hole in a sweater, it seemed Ellie Goulding to put it exactly on it.

Both Brit Awards the singer surprisingly appeared in a rather irritating dress. Because instead of an elegant robe, the appeared “Love me like you do” singer in a rag dress made of white, red, blue and black pieces of fabric.

Ellie Goulding really shows everything under her rag dress

The colorful one Lace dress left no space for imagination between the fabric nor under the fabric. Because if the holes in the elaborately designed dress were not already revealing enough, the lace was also transparent in most areas covered with fabric.

You could see the breasts of the singer from the side, her belly, her thighs and even part of her bottom. Even the black lace panties wanted Ellie Goulding with this dress hardly to hide from the flash of the cameras. Just like the fact that she obviously wasn’t wearing a bra.

Ellie Goulding: Fans love the singer, no matter what outfit

One thing is certain, however: the fans and photographers drew the attention of the singer in this colorful shreds dress certainly on themselves and stood in the limelight as no other intention.

And your fans love the singer no matter what outfit. Whether with moth holes in the dress or in the elegant evening wear, Ellie Goulding receives numerous compliments on her music, her appearance and of course on her daring outfits, as the comments on Instagram show.

Ellie Goulding is not the only star who recently presented himself almost without a shell. Also Heidi Klum* had apparently forgotten her bra again and the daughter of Johnny Depp presented himself quite freely at the BAFTA Awards. Sabrina Setlur, on the other hand, had to be cheered up by her fans after she posted a fairly revealing photo.


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