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British Airways | Windscreen of plane crashes as ice falls; Passengers escape unharmed – News18 Malayalam

A crack in the windscreen of a British Airways plane flying at 35,000 feet has been caused by an ice block. The two-inch-thick windscreen of a British Airways Boeing 777 aircraft was cracked by an ice cube. The plane was en route from London to Costa Rica when it crashed on December 23. The ice cube fell from another plane that was flying at an altitude of 1000 feet.

The pilots of BA 2236 then landed safely in San Jose, California. Most of the passengers on the plane were going to celebrate Christmas. It was a flight to London the next day. More than 200 passengers missed the Christmas celebrations following the incident. The airline initially said it would take 90 minutes to resolve the issue. But the plane took off 50 hours after the repairs. Passengers were forced to stay at a hotel at the airport that night. No other flight was available at that time. The plane finally landed in London on December 26.

Among the passengers were travelers returning after their honeymoon, Joe Mitchell and Gear Olafson. They say they left home hoping to celebrate Christmas but missed the opportunity to celebrate Christmas with their family because of the accident. Reports indicate that some of the passengers cried and became angry when they learned that they would not be arriving in London before Christmas.

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British Airways has apologized for missing the Christmas celebrations of the passengers on board and for the accident. The company said the delay was due to the fact that the journey could continue only after ensuring complete safety. British Airways said it would refund the fare. The company also said it would pay 5 520 each for delays.

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A few weeks ago, a Boeing 737-800 crashed after being hit by birds before landing. The Malta Air flight from London to Bologna crashed on November 24. The engines crashed but the pilots were able to land the plane safely.

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