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British health care creaks and squeaks as patients increase

Emergency hospitals of this type will also be located in Glasgow, Birmingham and Manchester. All intended to relieve ordinary hospitals. The first sick will arrive there this week.

In addition, cabin crew of Easyjet, among others, were asked to assist and cooperate in these emergency hospitals. Easyjet decided on Monday to stop flying for the time being, after which it sent a letter to all nine thousand flight attendants and flight attendants to register.

“As a flight attendant, you are at home in many different markets. You provide service to customers, but you are also a nurse, firefighter. Everything that can occur on an airplane, you have to be able to deal with that. So our skills are very useful”, says Ashley Jay, who works as a flight attendant for Easyjet. “And I’m also very motivated to support the NHS in these times. It’s great to be able to give something back.”

Great willingness to help

Following a government call to the British to voluntarily help the NHS in some way, more than 700,000 applications were received. This can take the form of groceries for health personnel, or transporting the family of patients. Hospitals in each region are now looking at how to deploy all those helping hands.

The British are willing to do something for the much-loved NHS. Although doctors fear that it may come too late. Nishant Joshi: “Due to the cutbacks in recent years, we have too few people and too few resources to deal with this crisis. This is going to cause deaths. And we could just be here on the eve of something terrible, something what we have not seen in Britain before. “

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