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Britney Spears accepts the “do your part” challenge to help fans during the coronavirus epidemic

by drbyos

Britney Spears has officially joined the challenge “Do your part”. The effort is aimed at getting people to help restore their communities between the uncertainty and challenges posed by the coronavirus. Of course, Spears announced his participation via Instagram.

“So, our world is going through such difficult times right now, and my sister [Jamie Lynn Spears] he just named me to help people, whether it’s food or getting baby diapers, whatever it is, DM me, and I’ll help you, “Spears said in the clip. He added in the caption that” he was picking up three fans to help out in this tough time. DM me and let me know how I can help and I will do what I can. The singer also appointed three other people to continue the challenge, including Will Smith and her boyfriend, Sam Asghari.

Spears is the last musician to throw his notoriety behind the company, which comes at a particularly difficult time for the entertainment industry as a whole. Not only are gatherings of more than 10 people discouraged (or, in some cases, prevented), but major music festivals are canceled or postponed, while venues across the country have temporarily closed in order to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. Likewise, bands ranging from Pearl Jam to Chris Stapleton to Miley Cyrus to Foo Fighters have all postponed their spring tour dates, to name a few.

However, with the rally limit, which made practically any concert impossible (unless you are Post Malone), a number of artists have become creative in terms of closing the gap. On Wednesday, Luke Combs streamed a show from his garage amidst his self-quarantine, as Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood did on Thursday evening as well.

In fact, the practice has become so widespread in recent days that MTV has actually resumed its practice MTV disconnected series for a special series of concerts streamed live in an era of social distancing and great caution.

While not a performance, Garth Brooks followed the example of a number of other noteworthy celebrities who used social media to speak directly to their fans while also offering some words of encouragement.

“Think only of the others,” Brooks said during his weekly Study G session. “We’ll all do it, I promise. It’s times we don’t know, but look what happens when you look hard. You will see the light in all of us … Be patient.”


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