Britney Spears does not want ‘expensive’ co-curator from father: ‘Must watch money’ | NOW

Britney Spears disagrees that her father, Jamie Spears, is attempting to re-hire a co-curator to manage her finances and manage her assets. According to TMZ he wants to hire Andrew Wallet, who was also involved in the curatorship from 2008 to 2019, but the singer says in court documents that she finds him too expensive.

In documents submitted by Spears’s lawyer on Monday, it can be read that the singer no longer wants to perform and that she is collecting less income as a result. She has to watch her expenses and stick to a budget. Spears believes her father is ignoring her financial situation by re-hiring Wallet.

According to Spears, Wallet made half a million dollars (more than 420,000 euros) a year in the last five years of serving as a co-curator and even received a bonus of $ 100,000 when he quit the job in March 2019. According to Spears’s father, her objections to Wallet are not based on facts and he wants to request a hearing to discuss the facts.

Earlier this month, Spears already announced that she does not want her father to manage her finances any longer. The singer then put forward the Bessemer Trust Company as a potential trustee. She did show that curatorship is not against her will, but that she no longer wants her father to carry out the duties. Fans of the singer worried that she would be held captive and therefore started the Free Britneymovement.

38-year-old Spears has been in receivership with her father since her mental problems in 2008. In February 2021, this curatorship will be reconsidered by a judge.


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