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Britney Spears shows the neckline in white dress, contemplates the removal of the tattoo

by drbyos

Britney Spears went to Instagram on Monday to share a new selfie with her fans, showing off her wide neckline and thinking of removing one of her tattoos.

For the photo, Britney was standing in front of a red background and wearing a white, lace and low-cut dress. The outfit was characterized by a white strip of material that stretched across the chest, showing off its neckline. A similar white stripe around the neck was also visible, which looked like a choker. He wore his long blonde hair in a wavy style. She put on her makeup beautifully, wearing an app that included black eyeliner and pink lipstick.

As seen in the snap, a tattoo of two pink dice was visible on Britney’s left arm, although it is not clear what numbers were on display. Although there is nothing wrong with the design, she has admitted that “she doesn’t even like ink”.

“God does not play dice with the universe,” he wrote, quoting Albert Einstein.

Britney added that perhaps she should never have gotten the ink, asking her followers if she should have removed it.

Within the first four hours of publication, the post received over 131,000 comments from Britney’s over 23 million followers. Along with the likes, the photo also had over 4,200 comments.

In the comments, Britney fans came into contact with love for the pop princess.

“If you don’t like it, get rid of it! Otherwise keep it. Anyway, shake it Britney :)” wrote a fan.

Others intervened and told her not to remove the tattoo, calling it “iconic”.

The singer “Toxic” got tattooed in 2004 during a trip to Ireland. Typically, this wouldn’t be a reason someone wants to remove the tattoo, but it turns out it was a coordinated design that she got with her ex-husband, Kevin Federline. They are not entirely identical, however, since Britney’s dice tattoo is pink – a color that appears to be her favorite – while Kevin’s dice were inked in blue.

The new photo is similar to the one he shared earlier this month. Posing with her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, she was wearing the same dress while spending some time with her man. He had a huge smile on his face, clearly evident in the photo.


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